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Issue 32 - Carbonax Attacks

November 20, 2014

The Alien Armada are preparing to attack the Earth so Prince Vekar calls upon Carbonax, wanting to show his power Carbonax makes several copies of the Prince. This however scares the Prince so Argus sends Corbonax to earth. Meanwhile as the rangers study the Legendary Rangers they learn that by using the Legendary Ranger Keys with their morphers they can activate Legendary Ranger Mode and gain the powers of previous rangers. Just then Gosei alerts them to an attack in the town. Soon the rangers arrive morphed in their Megaforce suits to find what looks like people being attacked by other people. The rangers then morph into Super Megamode to try and stop everyone from fighting but notice that some of the people are to strong to be normal humans, General Carbonax appears and shows the rangers his power by revealing that the strong people are X-Borgs that he made look like people. Now to confuse the rangers Carbonax adjusts his lenses and all the X-Borgs now look like power rangers. With all these megaforce rangers running around the real rangers agree its time to go Legendary, so they put their Legendary Keys into their morphers and become the Space Patrol Delta rangers and in no time they defeat all of the X-Borgs. All by himself Carbonax collects sunbeams with his lenses and fires them at the rangers knocking them to the ground and demorphs them back into their Super Megaforce suits. The rangers stand up and using their blasters they fire their Final Strike which destroys Carbonax, But high up in the sky the Alien Armada are watching so levira uses her Maximiser which grows Carbonax to a supersize. Climbing aboard their flying ship the rangers call their Zords and combine them into the Legendary Megazord, Carbonax decides to make lots of copies of himself so the rangers don't know which one is the real one. The rangers need help from the Legendary Rangers once again and call upon the Jungle Fury animal spirits who use their heightened senses to find the real Carbonax. Now knowing which is the real one the rangers start firing at him causing his lenses to brake and with one Final Strike Carbonax is destroyed for good.


Issue 34 - Dark Clouds Approaching

January 15, 2015

In their sky ship the rangers are investigating mysterious dark clouds. Shortly back on the ground with no idea what to do Gosei contacts the rangers with the coordinates of the alien. As they arrive they morph into Super Mega Mode, The alien introduces himself as Kumulux then fires a dark cloud at the rangers, not being able to see the rangers are easily knocked to the ground. Kumulux disappears again to reload his blaster giving the rangers time to strategize. They remember what Jayden of the Power Rangers Samurai told them: "Feel the next move of your opponent before he's even acted. Like a Samurai". Kumulux returns with a group of Xborgs, so the rangers morph into Mighty Morphin Legendary Ranger Mode and take care of the Xborgs in no time. But Kumulux blasts them with contaminated water which causes them to demorph back into super mega mode, then he fires another dark cloud but this time the rangers morph into Samurai Legendary Ranger Mode. Even though they still can't see anything Troy feels Kumulux's next attack coming and attacks with his Fire Smasher first, hitting Kumulux into the air. Needing more power the red ranger uses the Samurai Double Disc which doubles his power and gives him two Fire Smashers, Kumulux is made mostly of water so when the red ranger attacks with his Fire Smashers Kumulux starts to vaporize. The rangers then morph back into Super Mega Mode and fire their Final Strike causing Kumulux to explode. But soon he returns as a mega monster so the rangers activate the Legendary Megazord. Kumulux attacks with a kick so the rangers then combine the Legendary Samurai Megazord and fire their giant sized Fire Smasher towards Kumulux which completely destroys him for good. Soon the dark clouds are gone and the sun has returned.


Issue 36 - The Pull Of Gravity

March 19, 2015

Prince Vekar sends his latest monster Graviton down to earth to annihilate the power rangers. Shortly afterwards the rangers arrive in the forest and come face to face with Graviton and a bunch of X-Borgs. The rangers morph from Megaforce to Super Megaforce, but as more X-Borgs appear the rangers then morph into Samurai Legendary Ranger Mode. After taking out some X-Borgs the red ranger then switches his Firesmasher to Five Disc Beetle Cannon mode which wipes out the rest of the X-Borgs. Graviton activates his gravitational field which pulls the rangers towards him, but with some acrobatic jumps the rangers break free. Graviton recharges then fires a blast from the horn on his head which causes the rangers feet to stick to the ground. Unable to move the rangers morph into Turbo Legendary Ranger Mode and zoom around the forest at top speed freeing themselves then with the Final Strike they destroy Graviton. However, using the maximizer he re-appears as a giant monster. The rangers now in their Megazord get knocked to the ground while Graviton uses his gravitational field to hold the Megazord down, Graviton recharges his horn but before he can fire he is attacked from behind by the Wild Force Red Lion. Now free the Megazord combines with the Red Lion creating the Legendary Wild Force Megazord. Graviton still thinks he can win, but when the rangers fire the Wild Force Final Strike Graviton is destroyed for good. Later the rangers reflect on how working together means that they can achieve great things.


Issue 38 - The Sixth Sense

May 21, 2015

Gosei has called the rangers to the command centre for an urgent meeting. The rangers must help the people of Earth as they seem to have lost their memories. A little later the rangers arrive in the city now morphed in Super Megaforce mode to find all of the people being confused and walking into walls and falling over. Guessing correctly that it's an alien attack a bunch of X-Borgs soon appear. The rangers morph into Zeo Legendary Ranger Mode and using their Zeo weapons they quickly defeat the X-Borgs. Then a new monster appears called Amnexio and uses his power on all five rangers causing them to de-morph and forget who they are. Now hiding from the monster the rangers don't know what to do, but it's ok as help has arrived in the form of the silver ranger. Amnexio blasts him with his power so he too will forget who he is, but nothing happens as his power only works on Earthlings and the silver ranger is not from Earth. Silver then blasts Amnexio with his spear while telling the other rangers to remember, Noah starts to remember how to operate his morpher and the others follow him. Now morphed back in Super Megaforce mode the rangers remember how to fight and attack Amnexio giving the silver ranger time to load up the Super Mega Final Strike with which he defeats Amnexio using his Super Silver Spear. But Amnexio returns maximised so the rangers call their zords but can't remember how to combine them into the Megazord. Silver ranger calls his zord and attacks with his Q-Rex drill, then morphs into Q-Rex Dinozord mode and blasts Amnexio, and finally morphs into the Q-Rex Megazord and attacks again destroying Amnexio's antenna which gives the ranger's their full memories back. Now they combine the Legendary Megazord and along with the Q-Rex Megazord they both blast Amnexio with a Final Strike which destroys him in seconds. A little later and thanks to Orion, the rangers are happy to have their memories back.


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