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Issue 18 - Mind Over Matter

September 19, 2013

At Ernie's Brain Freeze the rangers still can't believe that they were chosen to be power rangers, Meanwhile onboard the Warstar alien ship Admiral Malkor sends out his latest monster Psydoze. Back at Ernie's Loogies attack so the rangers morph and defeat them very easily. The rangers then get transported to Gosei's headquarters where he congratulates them on their victory, but believes that the battle was just a distraction as he's detected more strange alien activity at another location. As they arrive they see Psydoze and attack but he blocks every single one of their attacks then he leaves. Back at Gosei's headquarters he tells the rangers according to his analysis Psydoze has the ability to read their thoughts which gives them an idea. Psydoze returns and the rangers head out to battle him again, this time they think the exact opposite of what they do, Red ranger thinks Strike Low but Strikes High hurting Psydoze then the other rangers do the same. The rangers then mix up their thoughts to confuse Psydoze by thinking about Motorbikes, Football and Cats giving them enough time to combine their weapons and blast him. Admiral Malkor sends his Zombats which revives Psydoze and causes him to grow a lot bigger. The rangers call their zords and combine the Megazord. As they battle Psydoze blasts them with a Confusion Attack jumbling their thoughts for a few seconds, The rangers then grab a satellite dish from the roof of a building and hold it up just as Psydoze fires another Confusion Attack, this time it deflects off the satellite dish and hits Psydoze causing him to think about Motorbikes, Football and Cats. This gives the Megazord time to attack with his sword destroying Psydoze for good. Admiral Malkor is not happy and vows revenge.


** Issue 20 - No Comic Strip **

November 21, 2013

This is the first time we have went two issues in a row without a comic strip. This issue features more mazes, colouring, posters, a word search and Monster Targets to make that you can shoot with the Power Sword Shooter. The Comic strip returns next issue.


Issue 21 - Earthquake

December 19, 2013

Admiral Malkor sends his latest monster Xxarter to destroy the power rangers. At the park the rangers are enjoying a picnic when suddenly the ground starts to shake causing a statue to sink into a hole, as Jake runs to investigate a group of Loogies jump out of it. While Noah does some calculations on his phone Troy, Emma and Gia morph and deal with the Loogies in no time. Seconds later the rock monster Xxarter climbs out of the ground and knocks the rangers flying so Gosei beams them back to their hq and tells them the only way they can beat the monster is to work as a team. The next day the rangers are at football training when Xxarter appears again so they morph. The blue ranger gets an idea, he grabs the black ranger and tells the others to lure Xxarter to the centre circle of the pitch. Xxarter shakes the ground so the red ranger distracts him while the blue and black rangers turn on the sprinkler system and in no time the pitch turns to mud and Xxarter sinks into the ground. It doesn't hold him for long as Admiral Malkor's Zombats turn Xxarter into a mega monster, The rangers summon their Mechazords and form the Megazord. Xxarter strikes knocking the Megazord down, Emma believes as the monster draws power from the earth they need to separate him from it. The Megazord gets back up and starts to attack with targeted strikes knocking Xxarter into the air and away from the ground causing him to fall apart until there is nothing left.


Issue 23 - Fully Charged

February 20, 2014

After science class the team head out to the woods for some training as Noah feels he's not as strong has the other guys. Shortly Gosei contacts them telling of an alien lifeform being detected so they head out. Now morphed the rangers arrive at the bridge which is falling apart and the blue ranger saves two people from falling off. Admiral Malkor's latest monster named Batterax fires at them but the rangers hide behind some rocks, now its their turn to fire but Batterax just stores their energy like a battery then blasts them with it. The black ranger believes overloading him with power could destroy him so the rangers attack Batterax with everything they've got including the Sea Brothers zord power which destroys him. But not for long as Vrak sends his zombats which turns Batterax into a mega monster. Needing more power the rangers call for the Gosei Great Megazord. The Sea Brothers zords fire at Batterax to give him more power then they combine with the Megazord to create the Go Sea Megazord, With a mighty blast they knock Batterax onto some nearby power lines which completely drains all of his power causing him to explode. Later in this mixed up day as Noah was the tough guy and Jake came up with the ideas, Jake asks Gia out but she says it's not been that crazy of a day.


Issue 25 - A Tough Nut To Crack

April 17, 2014

At school Troy stops a bully from hurting a small kid, He tells the kid to stay with his friends and the bully wont pick on him. Shorty, while the rangers are outside the city gets attacked by meteors and soon Vrak's latest Monster Kometon appears, The rangers morph and the Loogies join the party. A few minutes later after the Loogies have been defeated the rangers get attacked by Kometon's meteors followed by a dark mist, when it clears Kometon attacks so the rangers call on the Sky Brothers for more power. The rangers fire the Sky Blast at Kometon but it does nothing to him, The red ranger then tries his Solar Wind Sword Slash which defeats him but Admiral Malkor's Zombats turn him into a giant Mega Monster. The rangers are going to need all the power they can get so they call on all of their zords and combine the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord. With every zord firing Kometon is knocked to the ground, Then using a Multi Zord Attack Kometon is finally destroyed. At school the next day the rangers see the little kid hanging with his friends and the bully leaves him alone.


Issue 27 - Smells Like Trouble

June 19, 2014

After Mr Burley's science class on the environment the rangers head into the woods for some training, but when they arrive they find that the trees have been destroyed. As they head back to HQ to talk to Gosei the evil Admiral Malkor and Vrak are high above and decide if they destroy the environment they destroy the humans. Back at HQ Gosei tells the rangers it wasn't humans that destroyed the trees and sends them back to the woods. When they get there a group of Loogies attack, the rangers morph and defeat them in no time using their weapons. That's when the monster Sulfrok appears and fires poisonous gas from his sulphur cannons at the rangers causing them to lose their powers. Sulfrok then flys into the air and hits the rangers with another blast, Robo Knight shows up but says he's not here to help them but to help the Earth. As Robo Knight battles Sulfrok, the rangers start to get their powers back then they block Sulfrok's tanks with the broken parts of the trees. That's when Robo Knight attacks him with his Robo Blade knocking Sulfrok to the ground, but seconds later he returns as a giant Mega Monster. The rangers and Robo Knight decide to team up and while the rangers combine their Megazord, Robo Knight's air and sea Mechazords take out Sulfrok's jet thrusters then they combine his Megazord. Sulfrok fires his poisonous gas but both Megazords combine their blasts into on devastating combo-attack which completely destroys Sulfrok.


Issue 29 - The Bitter Truth

August 21, 2014

After Mr Burley held his class outside he asks Jake if he has started on his presentation, Not wanting to tell him he's busy saving the world Jake says yes. As the rangers walk through the city other people start to vanish into thin air, Wondering what's going on the rangers soon find out as a new monster named Liarok appears. He's the one who's collecting all of the people that lie. The rangers morph and start to battle him, soon Robo Knight turns up to help. Liarok asks the black ranger what feelings he has for the yellow ranger, not wanting the yellow ranger to know how he feels about her he says he just wants to be friends. As he just lied liarok collects him and runs off. Robo Knight believes that lying is wrong and refuses to help the rangers, but when the red ranger says "If an enemy asks the best way to destroy you, Would you tell him?" Robo Knight understands and agrees to help rescue the black ranger. The rangers morph into Ultra Mode as Liarok returns with two more arms welding swords then they start to battle again. The red ranger notices that when they say the truth Liarok gets weaker, so they all start saying things that are true like the colours of their suits. Soon Liarok is so weak that all the people he has collected are set free including the black ranger so now they all fire an Ultra-Strike to destroy Liarok. But thanks to the Zombats he returns as a Mega Monster. Immediately the rangers and Robo Knight activate their Megazords which are hit by a blast from Liarok's swords. The rangers and Robo Knight decide to combine their Megazords to create the Gosei Great Grand Megazord and with one Spectacular Triumph strike Liarok is destroyed for good. Later Emma asks Jake why was it a lie when he talked about her, Not knowing what to say Jake is saved by Noah who says Jake has to work on his presentation.


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