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Issue 10 - Blinded by The Light

January 17, 2013

While at the park the rangers discover a small puddle of the Sanzu River as finally reached the surface. As they try to plug the hole a group of Moogers attack, the rangers morph and fight back. Within a flash Master Xandred's new Nighlok Dazzlor appears and using his giant third eye on his head he fires a blast of bright light at the rangers which blinds them for a few seconds giving him time to attack knocking them to the ground. As the rangers are getting up Dazzlor fires a second blast blinding the rangers again, then after a short pause he fires a third time which knocks the red ranger out cold. The gold ranger tries to attack but Dazzlor fires again and while the others are blinded the red ranger wakes up just in time to see Dazzlor running towards the Sanzu puddle, realizing he can only fire twice before he has to recharge the red ranger morphs into Super Samurai mode using the Black Box. Jumping over Dazzlor he destroys him with his Super Spin Sword, but seconds later Dazzlor rises as a giant mega monster. The rangers launch into the Samurai Megazord and the gold ranger fires up the Claw Battlezord. The rangers realize that its still not enough so they use the Black Box to turn the Megazord into the Super Samurai Megazord then combine it with the Claw Battlezord to create the Claw Armour Megazord. Dazzlor throws a large rock but the Megazord blocks it, the rangers call on four other zords and the Octozord, Swordfish-zord, Beetlezord and Tigerzord combine to create the battle Cannon. Dazzlor picks up another rock then fires his light blast, but the rangers use their shield to bounce it back at him, now that he's dazzled the rangers fire a devastating blast from the Battle Cannon which completely destroys Dazzlor and the rock he was holding falls into the Sanzu puddle blocking the hole and stopping any more evil water from getting out.


** Issue 11 - No Comic Strip **

February 21, 2013

This is the second issue not to feature a comic strip. This is an activity special featuring more puzzles, quizzes, colouring and posters. It also includes activites such as making gift tags and a blue ranger mask. The comic strip will return next issue.


Issue 12 - The Root of All Evil

March 21, 2013

As the rangers train Mentor Ji is gardening and tells Jayden that when he cuts the weeds today, next week they grow back and that the Nighloks are just like weeds. Just then the gap sensor rings and the rangers head to the park, now morphed the rangers quickly defeat a group of Moogers just in time for a new Nighlok to appear, he is a weed monster named Bashvine. Back at the Shiba House Mentor Ji wakes up Antonio and tells him to take the Lightzord and go help the others. Back at the park the rangers have just defeated Bashvine and start to celebrate, but it was to early as Bashvine was just waiting for his roots to grow stronger. The blue ranger tries to use his Hydro Bow but Bashvine grabs it with his vines. Green ranger then tries to attack but gets caught in Bashvine's vines. Finally the gold ranger appears and fires a disc from his Lighzord but again Bashvine catches it so gold ranger fires a disc over to the red ranger, the Shark disc. Using the disc he morphs into Shark Attack mode then frees the green ranger by cutting Bashvine's vines with his sword. All rangers then attack and defeat Bashvine, but not for long as he comes back as a mega monster. The rangers combine the megazord but Bashvine grabs it with his vines and knocks it over, red ranger calls the Shark Zord which frees them then combines with the megazord to create the Samurai Shark Megazord. With one mighty swing of their shark blade Bashvine is defeated forever.


Issue 14 - Deadly Skies

May 16, 2013

Ever since Antonio moved in, the Shiba House has gradually turned into his workshop with his tools and spare parts all over the place. As the girls are not happy with this, Mentor Ji decides to take the guys on a hike. In the Netherworld Master Xandred has forbidden Dayu from playing her guitar so she wants to leave the ship. A new Nighlok named Vullgore appears and wants to hear Dayu's music, so they make a deal, if he destroys the Rangers he would take Dayu's place on the ship setting her free and she would play him any song he wants. Back at the house the girls are cleaning up when the gap sensor sounds, something's right outside. Now morphed they go out to check and are attacked by Vullgore. Still on their hike Antonio is thinking about his inventions when Jayden's wrist-watch gap sensor lights up. Now seeing the Nighlok at the house they head back to help the girls who find out by hitting Vullgore with the yellow ranger's Earth Slicer just makes him mad. Vullgore then releases a brain frazzling sonic squawk at the girls, with Moogers also joining the party the other rangers arrive morphed with the red ranger in Super Samurai mode. The gold ranger ranger throws his new invention the Samurai Rocket at Vullgore but it doesn't explode, Vullgore then chases him so the other rangers combine their powers and take the Nighlok down. Seconds later he's back and bigger, time for the Battlewing Meagazord. As both clash in mid air, Vullgore fires razor sharp feathers but as the Megazord charges at Vullgore he moves and the Megazord starts spinning out of control. Heading for the ground the Megazord is caught by the Claw Battlezord, Vullgore tries another sonic squawk but the rangers can't hear it inside the Megazord, so with one mighty sword attack they destroy Vullgore forever. Looks like Dayu will have to stay on the ship.


Issue 16 - Heat Wave

July 18, 2013

Due to a heat wave the city's main water source at the Spring Valley is bone dry. At the Shiba house Kevin is suffering the most but as Jayden has power over fire the heat is boosting his strength. The Gap Sensor lights up but for the third this week it's a false alarm at Spring Valley. Suddenly a mysterious package appears at the door, its a jar of red liquid which Kevin tries to drink but Jayden kicks it out of his hands. As it spills on the floor Master Xandred's face appears in it, he says that the Sanzu River is also bone dry and they must work together to stop the Nighlok Sealiver who entered the world weeks ago and has plugged up the spring. When the rangers arrive back at the Spring Valley there's only Moogers waiting for them, Jayden tries to morph but can't due to all of the power draining blocks laying around, it was a trap. Seconds later Sealiver jumps out of the ground who has been resting there causing the Gap Sensor to keep going off. He is so monstrous that even the Moogers have ran away. Due to the earthquake he caused it also destroyed the power drainers allowing the rangers to morph, except Kevin who is still suffering from the heat. While Sealiver is laughing at Kevin, the red ranger attacks with his Fire Smasher but this only makes him more powerful and he grabs the rangers. Suddenly the Grand Shogun appears and tells the Red Ranger that his weapon transfers power to the Nighlok so he must find another way to defeat him. He combines the Bull Megazord and fires at Sealiver which frees the other rangers but causes Sealiver to grow in to a mega monster. All of the rangers are now stuck in the mud and Sealiver is throwing giant rocks at them which the Green Ranger destroys with his bow, he also notices that the rocks are coming from Sealiver's stomach which looks like a weak spot. The red ranger morphs into Super Samurai Shogun Mode and gets an upgrade for the Bull disc, he fires the Bull Megazord's Revolving Laser Blaster at the weak spot but Sealiver is still going so he fires the Megazord's Mega Revolving Laser Blaster located on his head which completely zaps Sealiver causing him to disappear into the earth.




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