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Issue 6 - Gold With Envy

September 20, 2012

At the Shiba house Antonio watches the others training, He sees how great friends they are and wishes he was part of the team. Later at the beach, while fishing Antonio plucks up his courage and asks Emily out to a concert but she says she can't go as she's going to a movie with Mike. As she leaves a monstrous tentacle sneaks out of the water and poisons Antonio's fish. At the cinema Mike and Emily's movie is interrupted by moogers outside, as they run out and morph they are outnumbered by the moogers. Just then the Gold ranger appears and defeats the moogers with his Barracuda Blade. Not out of trouble yet as a new Nighlok named Envito appears, he says that gold isn't a real ranger and because the Gold ranger ate the poisoned fish this causes him to get angry and makes him attack the Green ranger. Emily attacks Envito but he just knocks her to the ground, soon the poison wears off the the Gold ranger is back on the side off good. All three rangers attack together and as Envito fires poison projectiles towards them, Antonio deflects them back with his Barracuda Blade destroying the Nighlok. Soon Envito is back as a Mega Monster and Octozord attacks but he gets hit by Envito's evil tentacle. Just then the other rangers show up in the Megazord so Octozord blinds Envito with his Ink Cloud and the Megazord slashes him down with his samurai sword. Later back at the cinema Antonio still feels like he's not part of the team, think again as the others tell him that he is one of them and he always will be.


Issue 7 - Tidal Wave

October 18, 2012

While training at the Shiba house the rangers notice that Kevin has skipped out again for a third time, worried Mia remembers that there's a swim meet today and thinks he might be there. She's right as Kevin sits in the crowd watching on wishing he could be taking part, suddenly a group of Moogers jump into the crowd so Kevin morphs and takes out a bunch of them with his spin sword dragon splash. More Moogers drop in from above but seconds later so do the other rangers who help him defeat the Moogers. No time to rest as the Nighlok Ascidiacea rises out of the pool and fires powerful water blasts at the blue ranger, Red and green rangers try a double team but Ascidiacea creates an impenetrable water-shield around himself. Thinking he is safe but what Ascidiacea wasn't counting on is that the rangers have one of the country's most gifted swimmers on their team, The blue rangers dives straight through the water-shield with ease and slashes Ascidiacea with his spin sword causing him to disappear back into the ground. Moments later Ascidiacea returns as a giant Mega Monster so the rangers combine the Megazord but are attacked by Ascidiacea's powerful water blasts causing them to sink into the ground. Now stuck in the ground the blue ranger launches the Swordfish zord who fires torpedo's knocking Ascidiacea backwards giving the rangers time to combine the Swordfish Fencer Megazord. Ascidiacea fires again but the Megazord dodges it then using the sword on his head slashes him down saving the day once again.


Issue 8 - Samurai Power

November 15, 2012

Antonio is working on his new wrist weapon called the Samurai Power Charger which is designed to briefly paralyse the Nighloks. After working on it all night it still won't work, so he sits by the river and continues but later he falls asleep giving Octoroo time to steal it. Moments later though a new Nighlok by the name of Mortiblade appears and takes it from Octoroo. The rangers arrive and wake up Antonio who morphs then attacks Mortiblade, seeing that none of his attacks are getting past Mortiblade's four arms and four swords the other rangers morph and join the battle. Now finding that Mortiblade is to strong the gold ranger decides to distract him by leaping into his sword giving the rad ranger time to strike him down with his spin sword. The Nighlok dissolves into the ground and the gold ranger gets the Power Charger back. Seconds later Mortiblade returns as a super-sized Mega Monster. The rangers call their zords and form the Megazord followed by the gold ranger calling his Clawzord, they battle with Mortiblade for a while but they're still no match for him. There's only one thing left to try, The gold ranger fire's the Samurai Power Charger from the Clawzord which distracts Mortiblade long enough for the Megazord to cut him down to size with his sword. Later back at the Shiba house Antonio tells the others that the Power Charger was destroyed, Jayden tells him It might've only worked once, but right when we needed it.


** Issue 9 - No Comic Strip **

December 20, 2012

This is the first issue not to feature a comic strip. It is the first issue under the 'Super Samurai' title and is an activity special featuring more puzzles, quizzes, colouring and posters. It also includes info on the new Super Samurai modes. The comic strip will return next issue.


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