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Issue 1 - All For One

April 19, 2012

After training Mike takes a nap and starts to dream about his first battle against the cruel Nighlok Rofer. Suddenly he wakes to the sound of the gap sensor then heads out along with the other rangers. As they arrive at the pier the Moogers and Rofer are attacking civilians, so using their Samuraizer's the rangers morph into the Samurai Power Rangers and attack the Moogers. The green ranger spots Rofer and remembers that fighting him alone didn't work the last time so he asks the other rangers to join him and attack Rofer at the same time as a team. Now with his first life gone, Rofer's second life begins as a giant sized mega monster. The rangers call on their zords and combine them to create the Megazord. No one has the upper hand until Rofer sends his stretching arms under the ground and up behind the Megazord, but as his arms fly towards the Megazord it jumps high into the air and both of Rofer's hands hit himself in the face then the Megazord lands on top of him. Later back at the Shiba-house the rangers high-five over another team victory but below the Earth's surface the evil Master Xandred plots his revenge.


Issue 2 - All In Good Time

May 17, 2012

At the Shiba house Mentor Ji is teaching the rangers the art of Battle Meditation, everyone joins in except Mike who can't see the point and is just messing about. Mentor Ji is disappointed in Mike so tells him to leave. Later the rangers meet up in town but their fun is cut short when Moogers appear, with their Samurizers the rangers morph into their suits and attack but out of nowhere the Nighlok Black Vortex appears, as the green ranger attacks all of the rangers are knocked to the ground in a split-second. They attack again this time as a team but as the spiral on the chest of Black Vortex starts to spin the rangers get frozen in the air and again Black Vortex knocks them all to the ground. Suddenly Jayden spots the spiral on the chest of Black Vortex and figures it stops time, as Black Vortex tries it again Jayden decides to try the Battle Meditation. With all the other rangers frozen Jayden can still move, it worked! using his Fire Smasher he defeats Black Vortex and frees the others. Now its time for the mega monster so the rangers combine the Megazord. Black Vortex stops time and the rangers use their Battle Meditation to move freely, all except Mike who is out cold and as he controls the right leg the Megazord can't move allowing Black Vortex to knock them over. Jayden helps Mike with his Battle Meditation who finally gets it, since they can't be frozen any more the Megazord attacks with a massive strike of it's Samurai Sword destroying Black Vortex.


Issue 3 - Power Cut

June 21, 2012

All the rangers are out enjoying a day at the shops, but Kevin feels wiped out. He believes his reactions at training are slow and weak. Mia suggests it might just be a cold. The rangers all break into groups to visit different shops, Kevin goes to a shop alone looking for something to make him feel better, inside he asks the old man who gives him some tea. The next few days at practice Kevin is stronger and wins every battle. But soon he runs out of tea. The Gap Sensor rings so the rangers morph then head to the park, Moogers are waiting and the battle is on. One problem the blue ranger is so weak he can't fight, the red ranger protects him by defeating the Moogers. Just then the old man from the shop appears and congratulates the red ranger on working out why Kevin got so strong, then he vanishes. But then a Nighlok appears, his name is Power Drainer who says the tea Kevin was drinking is actually water from the Sanzu river. It makes you strong but if you stop drinking it you become as weak as a kitten. The Power Drainer knocks the rangers to the ground, the red ranger spots that the Power Drainer is holding a bottle of water from the Sanzu river which is boosting his strength. Using his spin sword the red ranger knocks it out of his hand and as the other rangers attack the Power Drainer gives up and sinks back into the ground, Not for long though as he returns as a mega monster. Using the last of his energy the blue ranger helps the others to combine the Samurai Megazord, same plan as before destroy the big bottle of Sanzu water that's now on the Power Drainer's back. He might be strong but the Megazord is fast, and with a few quick moves the rangers smash the bottle with the Megazord's sword, as the Power Drainer runs out of power he is easily defeated. Back at the Shiba house Kevin asks Mentor Ji "even though I was weak how did I find more strength?" Mentor Ji explains "Friendship, Family, Friends - People give us strength."


Issue 4 - The Hidden Enemy

July 19, 2012

Mentor Ji takes the rangers to the Zoo for today's training session, he teaches them that even insects like the praying mantis move with speed and strength like a samurai and can become one with their environment. Later at the Shiba House Mentor Ji hands Jayden the Beetle Disc but every time he combines it with his spin sword it overpowers him, Mentor Ji says its because of his lack of concentration. The Gap Sensor sounds and the rangers head back to the Zoo where they find Moogers, The rangers morph and as they attack in the Jungle Zone the Moogers all scatter into the trees. The red ranger realises that its completely silent, no animals or birds until something fast runs past them knocking over the yellow and pink rangers. The red ranger remembers what Mentor Ji said about the praying mantis and the Nighlok named Insekto appears. The rangers attack with their Spin Sword Combo Attack but its too weak so the red ranger must try the Beetle Disc, with a lot of concentration he charges up the Fire Smasher into thunder-cannon mode. The other rangers attach their Discs then the red ranger fires the Five-disc Beetle Cannon which hits Insekto. The rangers morph into Mega Mode and combine the Megazord, the red ranger stands on the shoulder of the Megazord and activates the Beetle Disc which unleashes the Beetle Zord and combines with the Megazord. Using Beetle Vision to try and spot giant Insekto doesn't work so the Beetle Cannon switches to Spray Mode and fires in every direction until it hits Insekto, now with him located the Beetle Megazord moves in and destroys him with it's laser blasts.


Issue 5 - Struck by Lightning

August 16, 2012

Master Xandred summons a new Nighlok named Dynavolt who he commands to rid him of the samurai rangers once and for all. At the Shiba House Mentor Ji teaches Mike that his enemies are not always in front of him as they can also attack from behind, just then the gap sensor sounds. Across town Dynavolt has frozen civilians with his lightning blasts, the now morphed rangers show up and deal with a group of moogers but where is Dynavolt. Out of nowhere a wall of lightning appears in front of them and so does Dynavolt who freezes the rangers one by one with only the red ranger to go, Dynavolt fires again but using his spin sword the red ranger deflects it back at the wall creating a hole and destroying Dynavolt. This unfreezes the civilians but turns Dynavolt into a mega monster, The rangers go into Mega Mode and combine the Megazord with the blue ranger's Swordfish Zord to create the Swordfish Megazord, the rangers activte its Double sword and start to spin it. Dynavolt fires a lightning bolt towards the Megazord but it deflects off his spinning sword and it destroys Dynavolt instead.


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