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Issue 36: Super Megaforce Legendary Blaster, Pull the black lever out until it stops,

put one of the two blue balls into the front of the blaster then press the trigger to fire it.

Legendary Blaster


Issue 37: Super Megaforce Wrist Blaster comes with four counters and a velcro wrist strap. Open the

 top and put the four counters inside then close the top. Now pull the lever on the right to fire a counter. 

Wrist Blaster


Issue 38: Super Megaforce Gyrojet Pistol, Put the three included darts into the three spaces on the front of the pistol.

Pull the black lever out until it stops then press the trigger to fire the first dart, Now rotate the front section which is holding

the remaining two darts until it clicks into place, Now pull the black lever out again to reload then press the trigger to fire

the second dart. Repeat to fire the third and final dart.

Gyrojet Pistol


Issue 39: Super Megaforce Wrist Blaster from issue 37 (above), Also comes with an extra mystery gift from one of three older issues:

Super Megaforce Proton Blaster with 4 counters (33), Megaforce Wrist Rockets (34) or Super Megaforce Rocket Blaster with 2 darts and leg strap (35).

I got the Megaforce Wrist Rockets from issue 34. You might even get a completely different gift from another issue all together.

Both gifts are taped to the cover so you'll have double the fun trying not to rip the cover.



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