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Issue 31: Megaforce Triple-shot Blaster, On the back pull the lever out until it stops, now put one of the three soft darts into the middle red section on the front

of the blaster then press the trigger to fire it. The other two red sections on the front can only hold the remaining darts and can't fire them. Also comes with two

Megaforce Power Badges, one features the black ranger with the text "Venom of the Snake" and the other features the red ranger with the text "Dragon Zord Kick".

Triple-shot BlasterPower Badges


Issue 32: Megaforce Mega Wrist Blaster, Put one of the two included darts into the top of the blaster then on the right hand side pull the lever down to fire it.

It's a bit tricky to put the blaster onto your wrist as the strap is made of flexible plastic, so give your junior ranger a hand to get it on.

Mega Wrist Blaster


Issue 33: Super Megaforce Proton Blaster, Flip open the green part on the top and insert the four included counters. Now press the trigger to fire.

Proton Blaster


Issue 34: Megaforce Wrist Rockets, This is almost identical to Issue 22's Mega Wrist Blaster, Just a slightly different shape and

doesn't include the three targets. It works just the same though, first load the three projectiles into the three holes on the front of the blaster

then press each of the three red buttons on the top to fire. There's also a wrist strap on the bottom.

Wrist Rockets


Issue 35: Super Megaforce Rocket Blaster with 2 darts and leg strap. First attach one of the soft darts to the front of the blaster then

pull out the blue lever on the back, Now just press the trigger to fire. Also comes with an extra mystery gift from one of the seven older issues:

20-23, 26, 29, 32. So you could get one of the following: Megaforce Power Sword Shooter with 3 counters, Powerball Blaster with 4 balls,

Mega Wrist Blaster with 3 projectiles and 3 targets, Snake Axe, Aqua Cannon, Loogie Launcher or a Mega Wrist Blaster with 2 darts.

I got the Megaforce Loogie Launcher from issue 29. This issue comes in a clear bag so you can see which mystery gift you get before buying it.

Rocket Blaster


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