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Issue 26: Megaforce Aqua Cannon is a simple water pistol, Just open the cap on the back and fill with water.

Now press either of the two round buttons to squirt water out the top of the cannons.

Aqua Cannon


Issue 27: Megaforce Warstar Megablade, Simply attach the disc to the top of the handle then pull the string

and watch the disc fly into the air. The disc features images of Admiral Malkor, Vrak and Creepox.

Warstar Megablade


Issue 28: Megaforce Cyclone Crossbow, Simply attach one of the five soft darts to the top then pull the lever back and let it go. Also

comes with 110 Megaforce art Stickers plus 4 extra stickers (two say "BAMM" and another two say "WRAAM!") and a Maoam Stripes sweet.

Cyclone Crossbow

Megaforce Stickers


Issue 29: Megaforce Loogie Launcher. Just throw it to a friend.

Loogie Launcher


Issue 30: Megaforce Warstar Slingshot with 8 soft discs, Hold the green handle with one hand then slot one

of the soft villain discs onto the end of the blue section, now pull it back then let it go. If you've made the mini

stand up rangers that were in this month's issue then you can hit them down using the slingshot.

The discs feature the villains: Hisser, Mummy, Dragonflay, Yuffo, Kesaran, The Messenger, Gremlin and Bluefur.

Warstar Slingshot


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