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Issue 21: Megaforce Powerball Blaster comes with 4 balls. First you need to pull out the red lever at the back end to get it ready to fire.

You will also need to click the red part with the 4 balls in it on to the front of the blaster making sure one of the balls is in-line with the hole.

Now its set up just press the trigger to fire, to fire again you will need to spin the red part on the front around to the next ball.

Powerball Blaster


Issue 22: Megaforce Mega Wrist Blaster comes with 3 projectiles and 3 targets. First build the three targets by sitting the cardboard targets

in the yellow plastic stands (they don't grip the targets so they just sit there and will fall out when hit). Now load the three projectiles into the three

middle holes on the front of the blaster, the other two holes can be used to store projectiles. To fire the projectiles just press each of the three

silver buttons on top of the blaster. There's also a wrist strap on the bottom. Note: Its difficult to load the projectiles, I can only get the middle

one to work properly, another one has only worked a few times and the last one doesn't work at all. 'Blaster' is also misspelled on the packaging.

Mega Wrist Blaster


Issue 23: Megaforce Snake Axe is the same as the black ranger's weapon from the show.

Snake Axe


Issue 24: Megaforce Mega Blaster with 4 counters and 24 Megaforce Stickers. The top right red part of the Mega Blaster lifts up so you

can put the four counters inside, now just press the trigger to fire. The 24 Megaforce stickers are all art images except one which uses a real photo.

The first sticker below featuring the five rangers is also used as the main two page poster in the magazine with a different background.

Mega Blaster



Issue 25: 2 Megaforce Sticky Loogies that when attached to a wall they will crawl down it.

Sticky Loogies


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