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Issue 16: Super Samurai Hydro Cannon, water goes in the other side. Plus 5 Power Rangers Action Card Game Cards, the one's I got feature

the Megaforce Red, Pink & Yellow rangers, Blue Samurai ranger and the Red Mighty Morphin ranger wearing the green ranger's shield.

Scan them with the free downloadable app for your phone and you get to view a short animated clip for each one.

Hydro Cannon

Five Action Card Game Cards


Issue 17: Megaforce Mega Blaster comes with three soft darts. At first I thought it was broken but I found that

the darts are to soft to activate the firing mechanism, So before you put the dart in you need to find something else

to push the mechanism into place first (the trigger will lock in place) then put the dart in.

Mega Blaster


Issue 18: Megaforce Mega Wrist Blaster comes with four counters and a velcro wrist strap. Open the top

and put three counters in (it only holds three) then close the top, now pull the lever on the right to fire a counter. 

Mega Wrist Blaster


Issue 19: Megaforce Demon Bow comes with 3 arrows and a clip-on holder. The small black

piece of plastic at the opposite end of the arrows are not glued in and fall out very easily so be careful.

The bag the bow comes in calls it a Zombat Bow. 

Demon Bow


Issue 20: Megaforce Power Sword Shooter comes with 3 counters. Open the circle flap and put

all three counters inside then close it, now push the switch on the handle forward to fire a counter.

Power Sword Shooter


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