Every issue comes with a free gift, below is a list of every one.





Gift Pic
1 Dino Thunder mask - two colours to collect
2 Dino Thunder wrist morpher - two colours to collect  
3 Dino Thunder belt - two colours to collect  
4 Dino Thunder sword  
5 Dino Thunder sticker box
6 Dino Thunder click camera - not a real camera  
7 Dino Thunder power spinners  
8 Dino Thunder puzzle watch  
9 Dino Thunder power shooter
10 Space Patrol Delta walkie talkie  
11 Space Patrol Delta game  
12 Space Patrol Delta pinball game
13 Space Patrol Delta yo-yo
14 Space Patrol Delta flyer  
15 Space Patrol Delta rocket blaster  
16 Space Patrol Delta sticker box

Space Patrol Delta mask - two colours to collect

Space Patrol Delta belt - two colours to collect


18 Space Patrol Delta water squirt watch  
19 Space Patrol Delta pencil box  
20 Space Patrol Delta mobile scroller  
21 Space Patrol Delta wrist disc shooter  


Space Patrol Delta camera pencil topper and ranger trading cards  
23 Mystic Force shoot and catch game  
24 Two Mystic Force walkie talkies  
25 Mystic Force stationery set - Notepad, pencil and pencil topper  
26 Mystic Force disc shooter  
27 Mystic Force sticker box
28 Mystic Force boomerang  
29 Mystic Force battle spinners  
30 Mystic Force pinball game

Mystic Force mask - two colours to collect
Mystic Force wrist morpher - two colours to collect


32 Mystic Force belt - two colours to collect  
33 Mystic Force sword - two colours to collect  
34 Mystic Force sticker book and two packs of stickers  
35 Mystic Force magic slate flip phone  


Power Rangers 2008 calendar

Large double-sided poster - Mystic Force and Operation Overdrive

Mystic Force notepad and crayons

Mystic Force pinball game

150 ranger stickers



37 Power ranger game cards  
38 Operation Overdrive stationery set - Notepad, pencil and a ruler  
39 Operation Overdrive power spinners  
40 Operation Overdrive magnets


Operation Overdrive rocket blaster  


Operation Overdrive disc launcher  
43 Operation Overdrive stationery set - pad/pencil/rubber/sharpener +20 stickers
44 Watch spinner - A watch that fires a spinning disc into the air  
45 Headset and Operation Overdrive badge  
46 Secret message communicator and 40 Operation Overdrive stickers  


Operation Overdrive red ranger mask

Operation Overdrive sword


48 Operation Overdrive water game  
49 Operation Overdrive yo-yo
50 Operation Overdrive pinball game
51 Spinning Top Blaster  
52 Operation Overdrive magic slate flip phone  
53 Operation Overdrive stationery set - Notepad, 6 crayons, rubber, sharpener  
54 Operation Overdrive sticker box with 50 stickers inside
55 Jungle Fury ranger shooter - It fire a spinning disc into the air  


Jungle Fury disc shooter  


Jungle Fury wrist morpher
58 Walkie Talkie and a Jungle Fury belt  
59 Mega Sword - Looks just like the Magi-staff from Mystic Force
60 Jungle Fury morpher phone - Looks just like the morpher from Mystic Force
61 Jungle Fury dartboard and two darts  
62 Jungle Fury disc launcher  
63 Water Blaster  
64 Jungle Fury Slide Phone  
65 Jungle Fury Airblade Flyer  

Jungle Fury Crossbow

Large double-sided poster - Jungle Fury and RPM


67 Jungle Fury Disc Shooter Watch  

100 Jungle Fury Stickers

Jungle Fury Walkie Talkie and Propeller Shooter




45 RPM Stickers

2 RPM Walkie Talkies

70 RPM Disc Shooter Phone  
71 Tri-Shooter with three Foam Darts  
72 RPM Extendable Sword  

Jungle Fury Morpher Mask

RPM Disc Blaster


74 Wheel Blaster  
75 RPM Ranger Morpher Disc Shooter Watch  
76 RPM Rocket Blaster with three Missiles  
77 RPM Water Blaster  
78 Mega Sword - Same one from issue 59
79 RPM Rev Morpher with 2 Cell Chips

RPM Morpher Phone - Its the Overdrive Tracker from Operation Overdrive

RPM Power Spinners

Giant RPM double-sided poster



RPM Disc Shooter

Colouring Pull-out

Mystery Gift - Random item from a previous issue





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