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Issue 70 - A Deadly Quest

January 20, 2010

In the domed city of Corinth Dr K speaks to Colonel Truman via her computer screen, explaining if the evil Venjix were to attack the dome it would lose power and fail. Dr K however has a back-up system in mind but it requires a power cell to work which is located at the Jackson Underground Military Base in the Wasteland. Colonel Truman's son Scott and his friends Flynn and Summer morphed into Ranger Red, Ranger Blue and Ranger Yellow then in their Zord vehicles headed for the base. After finding the power cells in the underground corridors the rangers head back to their zords but are attacked by Grinders, the rangers unleash their weapons: Street Sabre, Turbo Cannon, Zip Charger and destroy the Grinders but soon flying Drones open fire and the rangers jump to safety as the Drones hit the power cells causing a massive explosion. With the power cells destroyed the Drones return to base and the rangers return to the dome with undamaged power units from the Grinders they destroyed. Dr K says they can use them instead of the power cells and Colonel Truman congratulates his son.


Issue 71 - City Under Siege

February 17, 2010

Venjix has sent his Laser Bot to attack the dome, But his laser blasts don't cause much damage, so Venjix makes it grow. As the rangers morph the red ranger says that the only way to protect the dome is to lower it, Dr K agrees. They lower the dome to let in the Laser Bot then raise the dome to trap him inside. As Dr K has control of the dome's weather system she starts a snow storm to confuse the robot giving the rangers time to call their zords. The blue ranger opens fire destroying a half-constructed building that causes all of its griders to fall pinning down the robot. As the weather changes to sunny the Laser Bot sees the now formed Megazord and opens fire, only to hit its reflection on a glass-fronted building. Suddenly the real megazord charges in with its Super Sabre destroying the robot.


Issue 72 - General Mayhem

March 10, 2010

A Venjix machine breaks into the dome releasing a small squad of Grinders, the rangers show up with their battle weapons and destroy them. After taking the Venjix machine back to base the rangers wait for Dr K to come and inspect it, but while no one was looking a secret compartment opens and General Shifter and General Crunch jump out and attack the rangers. After stunning the rangers both generals head to the city's Control Tower to destroy it, but while they argue over who fires Venjix's rocket launcher the now morphed rangers appear combining their weapons. As the rangers fire they destroy Venjix's rocket launcher but both generals have vanished, back at Venjix's palace the generals tell Venjix about a secret tunnel they found while escaping out of Corinth.


Issue 73 - Inside Job

April 7, 2010

After defeating a lone Grinder the rangers wonder how it got into the dome. Earlier General Shifter and General Crunch found a secret tunnel out of Corinth. With an attack fleet of drones wating outside, Corporal Hicks who seems to be under some sort of spell walks over to the gateway and opens it. Alarms sound in the control tower alerting Colonel Truman, who orders the over-ride to close the gateway. Three drones get in before the gateway is closed so rangers red and blue attack them. Ranger yellow catches up to Corporal Hicks and when she knocks him to the ground a device falls off of him. After the rangers defeat the drones they all head back to the control tower where Dr K confirmes that the device is Venjix technology that was used to brainwash Corporal Hicks. The Grinder from earlier attached it to him.


Issue 74 - Fast Exit

April 28, 2010

As our three rangers are wondering who will become rangers black and green, Dr K tells them to check out Station 19 as there is some unusual activity happening there. Using Flynn's Hummer they arrive to find Tenaya outside the city aiming a huge Jet Blaster at the fire gate of Station 19, she plans to fire a shockwave blast that will blow the burning gas back in to Corinth destroying the city. The rangers morph and start to battle with Tenaya. Not far away a black car speeds across the desert, inside Dillon and Ziggy only see the dust from the battle but they decide to keep heading for Corinth. Back at the battle Tenaya starts the trigger sequence on the Jet Blaster and jumps clear, but before it fires ranger blue drives his Hummer at it causing the weapon's barrel to spin round. When it stops, it is facing towards Tenaya then fires sending her flying far away into the distance.


Issue 75 - Black Under Fire

May 19, 2010

While reviewing the new ranger black's first battle both Colonel Truman and Scott believe that he may be a sleeper agent as he has Venjix technology inside of him. Later as an attack bot and grinders attack, ranger black notices that it's the same attack bot that got into the city when he and Ziggy first arrived. As our three rangers combine the Road Blaster to battle the attack bot, ranger black chases after a group of grinders. Learning to work with his ranger suit he catches upto the grinders who are about to open fire on Colonel Truman, believing they were sent to hurt Colonel Truman ranger black jumps in front of him but none of the grinders laser blasts hurt him. Colonel Truman explains that it's just Corporal Hicks and his men dressed as fake grinders and that the attack bot was controled by Dr K. This was just a test to see if he was a real sleeper agent but as he risked his own life to save Colonel Truman it shows that he's not and also tells him that his suit has a short-term invincibility shield.


Issue 76 - Green For Danger

June 16, 2010

After the Gopher Attack Bot dug a tunnel into the dome, the High Octane Megazord defeated him. Back at Venjix's palace Tenaya 7 explains that Ziggy bonded with the green morpher to stop her from capturing it, but insisted that since he's a new member they will be weak and decides to take a unit of Grinders to defeat them. Meanwhile all five rangers decide to seal the tunnels that the Gopher Attack Bot made. When they arrive rangers black and green stand guard as the others enter the tunnel, inside they activate one of Dr K's force-fields to stop anyone getting in. But it's to late as Tenaya 7 and the Grinders are already inside. The Grinders blast the roof trapping the rangers while Tenaya 7 attacks the other rangers outside. She knocks ranger black over then jump kicks ranger green hitting his belt buckle which releases his Axe weapon, ranger black summons his Rocket Blaster. Ranger green tries to combine both they're weapons but Tenaya 7 knocks him into the tunnel and he accidentally fires his weapon which destroy's the rocks and free's the other rangers. They all defeat the Grinders as Tenaya 7 sneaks away, afterwards they fill in the tunnel.


Issue 77 - Sector 13

July 7, 2010

Using a combat simulator Dr K tests Ziggy but his scores rated below average. An emergency call comes in alerting the rangers of a breach in Sector 13, All rangers morph and head out to the location. When they arrive Ziggy recognizes the area from when he worked for the Criminal Cartels. With Grinders dug in at the compound rangers red, blue and yellow activate their zords but the Grinders fire their corrosion ray causing their wheels to rust. Ranger green keeps trying to tell the others that he knows a way in but ranger red keeps ignoring him, so while the rangers are activating the Road Blaster ranger green goes through a fence into a trap door in an old building and out a man hole right behind the Grinders. Activating his Tail Spinner zord for the first time Ziggy jumps inside causing it to spin which makes the Grinders break their cover, this gives the other rangers time to blast the corrosion ray and destroy the Grinders. Ranger red now sees that Ziggy will make a good ranger.


Issue 78 - Black Out

August 4, 2010

A Venjix Attack Bot appears in the city and the rangers get there in the Megazord, but before they can attack the bot shuts down. Dr K wants her engineers to analyze it so the rangers watch on the screens back at the garage. Suddenly freaky graphics appear on the screens hypnotizing all the rangers except Dillion, he cuts the power to the screens and they turn back to normal. They morph and head outside to find that the freaky graphics have appeared on all of the screens around the city hypnotizing everyone except Dillion again. As cutting the city's power would let Venjix walk right into the dome ranger black needed to find another way to save everyone. Just then the Venjix Attack Bot reappeared going to open a city gateway but it was missing its head as it was still hooked up to the main computer sending out the hypnotic signal, The shut down was just part of an evil plan so ranger black activated his Wolf Cruiser and destroyed the Attack Bots body, he then went back and destroyed its head freeing everyone from their trance. Dr K believes that the Venjix hardware inside of him stopped him from being affected by the hypnotic effects.


Issue 79 - The K Factor

September 15, 2010

At the rangers base Dr K finally reveals her identity to the rangers. The next day a package arrives, while no one is looking Tenaya's hand sneaks out of the box and puts a disc into Dr K's computer. Alarm's ring alerting the rangers that Tenaya and some Grinders have appeared at Liberty Plaza. As the rangers get there and morph, Tenaya's hand drives ranger red's car towards him causing him to jump out of the way. With her hand back on her arm, Tenaya tells Venjix that the disc is in place at the rangers base, overhearing this ranger red contacts Dr K. She's in trouble as Grinders start to climb out of the computer screens. While the others deal with Tenaya and the Grinders, rangers red and blue head back to base to help Dr K. As they arrive at the door they hear weapon fire, hoping Dr K is ok they enter the base to find that Dr K has destroyed the Grinders with a new weapon she was testing.


Issue 80 - Behind Enemy Lines

October 27, 2010

A Venjix drone gets into the domed city of Corinth by blasting through an air purifier. When the rangers arrive they find that it's only one measly Grinder, but suddenly it grew into a massive sized Grinder. The rangers combined their High Octane Megazord and attacked using its Super Sabre but the Grinder blocked it with a force field. Now the Grinder can even fire through it's own force field to attack the Megazord. Rangers green and black attach their Wolf and Shark zords to the Megazord but even their power can't damage the force field. They need to try something different, ranger black jumps into the Grinder's flying drone and fire's at the massive Grinder. It worked, it destroyed the force field. Using it's spinning Blade Attack the High Octane Megazord destroy's the Grinder. Ranger black figured that since both the Grinder and Drone were Venjix made and that the Grinder could shoot out then the Drone could shoot in.


Issue 81 - The Gripper Grinders

December 8, 2010

While reviewing the rangers latest battle with the grinders, Dr K believes that they could have won more easily if they had used their special capabilities. The alarm sounds so the rangers go to investigate outside of the dome, nothing there except some corrosion on the dome wall. Suddenly General Crunch appears with special grinders on motorbikes. A grinder jumps and grabs a hold of ranger green, he can't break free so ranger green teleports away, just in time as the special grinder explodes. Two more grinders grab ranger's red and yellow so ranger blue freezes time long enough for him to throw both grinders together saving the others. Ranger black does the same with another two grinders while activating his invincibility shield to protect himself from the explosion. Knowing he can't win General Crunch retreats. Back at the base Dr K now trusts the rangers to make their own decisions while in battle as the corrosion they found on the dome wall was acid rain pollution. If the rangers hadn't gone out of the dome they wouldn't have found the corrosion which would have destroyed the wall letting Venjix to walk right in. After teleporting away from the exploding grinder ranger green appears inside Dr K's cupboard.




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