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Issue 63 - War Dog

July 22, 2009

During training RJ tells the rangers to work on all of their skills as they may need anything, at any time. Dai Shi gets one of the Bracelets of the Overlords which contains the spirit of the ancient warrior hound War Dog and puts it onto a Rinshi. Camille takes the oversized dog for a walk through Ocean Bluff but soon the rangers show up in their Jungle Pride Megazord. Just before they can use the Jungle Mace Spin Attack War Dog pins down the Mace chain and attacks separating all of the zords. The Red Tiger Spirit then strikes at War Dog knocking his collar off causing him to shrink back to a Rinshi who the rangers defeat in no time.


Issue 64 - Winged terror

August 19, 2009

Theo had just learned how to use the Jungle Fans from Master Swoop when Dai Shi sends Vulturan to destroy the city. All damage he does using the ray from his staff causes people and buildings to age very fast and also strengthens Dai Shi's power. The rangers appear and try to attack Vulturan with the Claw Cannon, but before it has time to charge he zaps the rangers with his ray causing both the red and yellow rangers to de-morph and grow old. Luckily for the blue ranger his Jungle Fans protected him from the ray and he must now battle Vulturan alone to save the others. With the help of his Jungle Fans the blue ranger takes to the sky and breaks Vulturan's staff using the sharp edge's of his Jungle Fans. With the staff now broken the other rangers return to normal, morph and using the now charged Claw Cannon destroy Vulturan.


Issue 65 - The Grawffin

September 16, 2009

Dai Shi and Carnisoar are angry because the rangers defeated Vulturan but they both create a new monster to take revenge, They send the huge Grawffin into the city. The rangers morph and combine the Megazord, as Grawffin can fly the blue ranger summons his Bat Spirit which joins with the Megazord so they can also fly. After trading many blows both Spirit bonds were weak causing the Megazord to seperate and to lost the Bat Spirit. As the rangers are now vulnerable Dah Shi's Lion Spirit senses victory and attacks, right at that moment a bolt of lightning came from the sky pulling the Hawk and Lion Spirits back to Dai Shi's lair. Carnisoar's Hawk Spirit was fading and needed to rejoin with him to heal, Dai Shi was not happy, but the rangers are.


Issue 66 - Master Plan

October 14, 2009

The rangers are given new weapons by their Pai Zhuq masters: Master Finn, Master Swoop and Master Phant. Over at Dai Shi's lair while Carnisoar is training Dai Shi, Camille selects the best Rinshi and makes him like the legendary Japanese fox called Kitsune who is a sly master of trickery. Later at a beach near Ocean Bluff Camille is teaching Kitsune while the rangers battle the Rinshi. Master Phant appears and takes the yellow ranger's Jungle Mace so he can upgrade it then Master Swoop does the same with the blue ranger but when Master Finn tries to take the red ranger's Shark Sabres he notices that theres no emblem on the masters arm. Master Finn morphs back to the shape-shifting Kitsune who now along with Camille attack using the Jungle Mace and Jungle Fans. Yellow and blue rangers release their Beast Spirits which distracts both Camille and Kitsune giving the red ranger enough time to snatch back their ranger weapons, as all three rangers attack Camille and Kitsune jump into a teleport to escape.


Issue 67 - Grip of Fear

November 4, 2009

Jellica sends a new monster called Grabber (a giant crab) on a secret mission at the Ocean Bluff Reservoir. Over at the Jungle Karma Pizza Parlour Fran tells her co-workers about sightings of the monster and the rangers run out the door. At the reservoir after finding a claw mark Grabber appears so the rangers form the Jungle Pride megazord but Grabber is too quick and grabs the megazord from behind. Now being squashed by the monster the red ranger calls on the spirit of the shark which attacks Grabber forcing him to let go of the megazord. The shark combines with the megazord giving it armour protection. Grabber tries to swim away but the shark powered megazord follows him then attacks with a Spin Finisher move destroying the monster. The Rangers are happy but they don't know that Grabber completed his secret mission by leaving a machine on the reservoir bed that is pumping salt into Ocean Bluff's water supply.


Issue 68 - Hostage

November 25, 2009

Fran learns that her friends are the Power Rangers after she sees them fighting Rinshis. Fran then goes shopping for RJ with his credit card (It's ok RJ gave it to her) but she is captured by Camille. The rangers track RJ's credit card and find that she is in Dai Shi's lair, as they arrive Dai Shi unleashes his Black Lion spirit putting Fran in danger. The red ranger jumps on his Strike Rider pulls a wheelie knocking over Dai Shi then grabs Fran, along with the other rangers they speed out of there and head back to the pizza parlour.


Issue 69 - Power Struggle

December 23, 2009

Dominic, A friend of RJ's joins the team as the white Rhino Ranger and helps defeat Crocovile, but soon he returns bigger and uglier as Crocovilest and captures Lily. The rangers morph then Red and Blue try to attack but are blasted away by the monster. The Rhino Ranger using his Rhino Blade attacks with a Super Slash causing Crocovilest to drop Lily who is caught by the blue ranger. The wolf ranger combines the Wolf Pride Megazord dodging a lightning-quick attack then unleashing his Spin Fury Attack which turns the monster to stone and falls apart.




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