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Issue 55 - Feeding Frenzy

January 14, 2009

While the rangers are fighting some Rinshi warriors Camille and Flit watch from a distance. After the rangers beat the Rinshi and power-down, Camille sends Flit to follow them. The rangers decide to get somthing to eat at the Jungle Karma Pizza parlour and Flit reports back to Dai Shi. Later as the rangers are leaving the parlour Camille appears with a locust monster, the rangers decide to morph but before Casey can, Camille steals his sunglasses with her tongue. Both yellow and blue rangers attack the monster while Casey tries to attack Camille who has now morphed into her battle armour. Flit isn't fealling too good and must return inside Camille, while she is distracted Casey grabs his sunglasses from her and morphs. All three rangers release their Animal Spirits which slash through the locust's tough shell destroying him. With no monster to help her Camille leaves.


Issue 56 - Pack Attack

February 4, 2009

Dai Shi sends three of his Rinshi warriors downtown to spread fear so his powers will grow. By the time the rangers get there the Rinshi warriors have already released their Beast Spirits and have turned into hyenas, who now surround the rangers and pin them all together. With no space to use their weapons the rangers release their Beast Spirits who attack the hyenas. Back at his lair Dai Shi uses some dark magic that causes his three hyenas to be merged into one big one. The rangers have no choice but to merge their Animal Spirits to form the Jungle Pride Megazord, and with a flying kick they destroy the oversized hyena. Power down.


Issue 57 - The Enemy Within

February 25, 2009

In the desert after the rangers have finished practising with the Jungle Pride Megazod's new weapon the Setsukon, RJ walks into a cactus but thinking that its just a scratch he and the rangers head for the Jungle Karma Pizza parlour. Little does he know that it was Camille that was camouflaged next to the cactus who pressed a poisoned thorn into his arm. later outside the pizza parlour RJ goes crazy and attacks Casey knocking him down with a left punch, not wanting to hurt RJ the rangers morph and just defend his attacks. The yellow ranger then spots something on RJ's arm so the red and blue rangers grab each of his arms and using her Cheetah-like speed the yellow ranger runs in and pulls out the poisoned thorn to return RJ back to normal.


Issue 58 - Big Cat Brawl

March 18, 2009

During training Theo argues with RJ then walks out, in the street he bumps into Jarrod who turns into Dai Shi, Theo quickly morph's into the blue ranger and the battle begins. Soon the red and yellow rangers arrive and release their Beast Spirits but Dai Shi also releases his Beast Spirit. The blue ranger gets up and releases his Beast Spirit which combines with the other rangers spirits to form the Jungle Pride Megazord. Knowing the Megazord is to strong for his Beast Spirit Dai Shi retreats.


Issue 59 - Two Wheeled Demon

April 8, 2009

As the blue and yellow rangers battle the Rinshis and Camille in her battle armour, the red ranger jumps in on his new Strike Rider and quickly finishes of the Rinshis. But before he can use the Strike Rider's attack mode on Camille she teleports away. Later back at the pizza parlour the alarm sounds as a robot has appeared near an Ocean Bluff power plant. Before Theo and Lily can even move Casey has already morphed and is heading out on his Strike Rider. As he spots the robot Casey opens fire on it but it has no effect so he switches to attack mode, but the robot had hidden spikes in the grass which cause him to fly off of the Strike Rider. As the robot picks him up the blue and yellow rangers appear just in time to see the robots head open to reveal who's inside, it's RJ!. RJ tells Casey that the Strike Rider is not his only weapon and Casey now understands to only use it when it's right to do so and not at every chance he gets.


Issue 60 - Taran-terror

May 6, 2009

Camille arrives in the city with her new rinshi beast monster Taran-terror, when the rangers show up Camille makes the spider monster grow so the rangers form the megazord. Taran-terror fires webbing all over the buildings as the megazord attacks, the monster counters knocking the megazord backwards into its webbing but the rangers start spinning the megazords hand which breaks the web. Now free the rangers trip up Taran-terror then using the Savage Spin Attack they destroy him.


Issue 61 - Claw Cannon Clash

June 3, 2009

Dai Shi is angry with Camille for letting the rangers destroy his Rinshi beast monster Crocovile with their Claw Cannon. Later in their battle armour they go looking for the rangers, soon the rangers appear and the battle begins. Red and yellow rangers charge the Claw Cannon but Camille steals it and tries to blast the blue ranger, it dosen't work. The rangers get it back and the blue ranger charges it then all three rangers fire it towards Dai Shi but Camille jumps in front of him and the blast destroy's her armour. Dai Shi decides to teleport back to his lair where he drops Camille onto the ground because he blames her for losing the battle. The rangers celebrate their teamwork.


Issue 62 - Kindred Spirits

July 1, 2009

After defeating the giant monster Pangolin with the Megazord and the Elephant Animal Spirit the rangers go back to work at the pizza parlour. In his lair Dai Shi adds Animal Spirit to a superior Rinshi and sends him out to attack the city with Camille. Later at the harbour the Rinshi uses its snow leopard powers to cause a snow storm. Camille tells the snow leopard to increase the storm but he disobey's and starts to build an ice wall for protection. The rangers appear and both red and blue rangers battle with Camille in her Battle Armour while the yellow ranger destroys the ice wall using her Jungle Mace. Soon the the rangers overpower Camille and come face to face with the snow leopard. Releasing their Beast Spirits causes the Rinshi to lose control of the snow leopard Beast Spirit and it breaks free leaving the Rinshi all alone to be destroyed by the yellow ranger's Jungle Mace, While Camille quietly escapes.




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