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Issue 46 - Top of the World

July 9, 2008

The rangers travel to Mount Everest to investigate strange events that were reported there, As they land on the ice they are attacked by Flurious and his Chillers, with their Drive Defenders not working in the cold Flurious opens fire trapping both the black and red ranger in solid ice. The blue ranger tries to use the Drill Blaster but that also wont work in the cold, Flurious opens fire on the remaining three rangers hoping to freeze them but the blue ranger's Defender Vest deflects the blast back towards Flurious knocking him over. Flurious and the Chillers retreat and the rangers head back to HQ where Spencer serves them iced tea.


Issue 47 - Island Evils

July 30, 2008

Kamdor and Miratrix arrive on Atlantis and find a dagger on a stone statue, but as Kamdor picks it up the rangers appear. Using the power of the dagger Kamdor brings the statues to life and commands them to attack the rangers. During the battle Kamdor and Miratrix run away, but after they finish off the stone monsters the rangers follow them. The dagger now brings a bigger stone monster to life and the dagger is now over-loading, Kamdor throws it towards the rangers and it explodes giving Kamdor and Miratrix time to teleport away. The rangers are now stuck with a huge stone monster to battle but don't have time to wait for the zords to arrive, the red ranger says it's ok as he summoned them earlier so they form the Drivemax Megazord and using the Drive Digger Sabre they destroy the stone monster.


Issue 48 - Secret Ranger

August 20, 2008

While in England Andrew Hartford is captured by Moltor and his Lava Lizards. Moltor contacts the rangers and says he'll trade Mr Hartford for the jewel they have, the Lucky Pearl. As the rangers are getting ready to leave Spencer tells them to try and outwit Moltor by using a fake gem. When in England the red ranger wants to make the switch but Moltor doesn't want the gem, he wants to try out his new sword that has the Corona Aurora Crown conected to it. Using his new powerful weapon Moltor unleashes a quake attack which makes a hole in the ground that the rangers fall into, Moltor then traps them in there with an electo-net. One of the Lava Lizard's (who is really Spencer in disguise) uses the Sword of Neptune to free the rangers. The red ranger then uses the Sword the destroy Moltor's force field and with the Lava Lizards losing Moltor teleports away. Back at HQ the rangers make dinner for Spencer.


Issue 49 - Quick as Mercury

September 10, 2008

At the Overdrive base Tyzonn and the rangers spot a monster on the monitor, as he looks like Tyzonn did before the rangers helped him they decide to go and investigate. When they get there the monster is waiting for them and sends his raptors to attack. As they battle the mercury and blue rangers go looking for the monster. Back at the battle they find a weak spot on the raptors underbelly, they contact the blue ranger and tell him. Suddenly theres a large explosion that knocks the blue ranger over and causes the mercury ranger to de-morph. The monster then reveals himself as Moltor in disguise who lets loose a larger more powerful lava-raptor. With no time to call the zords the Mercury ranger turns to liquid mercury which the lava-raptor slips on giving the blue ranger time to fire on its underbelly to destroy it.


Issue 50 - The Need for Speed

October 1, 2008

While the red ranger tests the new Sonic Streaker zord the other rangers go to an alert at the Nuclear Power Station. Inside the Fearcats have repaired the Prison Mirror ard are trying to release their army, but the repairs cause the mirror to malfunction and it sends through mutated monsters. As the Fearcats can't control them, they run outside where the rangers are waiting for them. The Fearcats teleport away leaving the rangers to battle the monsters but because they are unstable the monsters start to implode. The red ranger joins the mercury ranger inside the Power Station where they find the Prison Mirror, but it's also unstable and about to implode. The red ranger takes it into the Sonic Streaker and using its speed manages to fly out of the city and drop the Mirror into the sea before it implodes.


Issue 51 - Going Solo

October 22, 2008

Once the home of the Mystic Force Power Rangers, Briarwood is attacked by Moltor and his Lava Lizards, the Overdrive rangers appear and chase them away but the mercury ranger misses all of the action. Two days later an ice sculpture arrives at the mansion said to be a gift from the people of Briarwood, but as it melts it lets out sleeping gas that knocks out the rangers, making it easy for Flurious to walk right in and steal the Aurora Crown's Jewels. Since Flurious isn't from this planet the gas has no effect on him, but he forgot it also has no effect on Tyzonn who then morphs. Out-numbered by Flurious and his Chillers the mercury ranger calls for the Rescue Runners. Sending Rescue Runner 1 and 2 after the Chillers he jumps into the Fire Rescue Runner and blasts Flurious with it's water cannon. Flurious now feeling out-gunned decides to abort his mission and teleports away. Back at the mansion as the others wake up, Tyzonn let's them know that the jewels are safe.


Issue 52 - The Knights Excelsar

November 12, 2008

Andrew Hartford is watching a news report from France which says scientists have found a site from the Middle Ages where the Knights Excelsar stayed, Legend said they had strange powers that Andrew thinks was gained from the Corona Aurora Jewels. The rangers then go to France to investigate, the Mercury Ranger finds a spear head and starts to feel strange. The news reporter from the tv appears but it's actually Miratrix then Kamdor also appears. He says they found the powerful Knights Excelsar Barbut helmet and made the fake news report to lure the rangers, Kamdor then puts on the helmet and grows in size. The rangers form the Drivemax Megazord and start to battle the giant Kamdor. The Mercury Ranger believes that the spear head he is carrying is whats making him fell strange so he throws it at Miratrix, feeling better he uses his Drive Detector to fire energy discs at Kamdor. While he's distracted the Megazord knocks the helmet off of Kamdor's head causing him the shrink back to normal size, knowing they can't defeat the rangers without the helmet both Miratrix and Kamdor quickly teleport away.


Issue 53 - Zord Attack

December 3, 2008

During a battle with Moltor the yellow ranger calls for her Drill Driver, using his new molecular re-sizer weapon Moltor shrinks it then teleports away with it. Back at the mansion Andrew Hartford tries to find it by using the zord's on board locator. On the coast near San Angeles Moltor has returned the zord to its normal size and has someone dig out a trapped monster from a previous battle. The rangers appear and Moltor makes his monster Scaletex grow, the rangers then call for the rest of their zords but dont join to make the megazord, instead they stay separated and attack Scaletex from different angles. Moltor hands his molecular re-sizer to a lava lizard before jumping into the Drill Driver to attack the rangers, The yellow ranger in the Dozer Driver sees Moltor and heads him off causing Moltor to hit Scaletex in the foot knocking him over. Scaletex then lands on the lava lizard that had the molecular re-sizer crushing it beyond repair, now with the Drill Driver recaptured the rangers combine the megazord and using the Drill Blast Attack they destroy Scaletex. As usual Moltor teleports away.


Issue 54 - Panic Attack

December 24, 2008

This is the magazine's first reprint of an old comic strip reusing issue 39's strip. At the beginning of 2008 (issue 37) the mag started to get published every three weeks instead of every four weeks, as this is the last Operation Overdrive issue it looks like they were one comic short and decided to just reprint a previous one. Read issue 39's description.




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