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Issue 37 - The Easter Island Trap

January 2, 2008

While the rangers battle Moltor one of his Lava Lizards puts a tracking device on the rangers vehicle S.H.A.R.C. Later when the rangers go searching on Easter Island, Andrew the red rangers father follows them but gets captured by Moltor. The rangers find a canister and Moltor offers a trade Andrew for the canister. The red ranger has no choice but to trade and gives the canister to Moltor. Later back at his hideout Moltor opens the canister to find it empty, back at the base Mack walks in with the contents of the canister in his hand. He says that he 'palmed' the contents, a trick he learned from a magic book he was reading earlier. However the contents turned out not to be important but Andrew says that they showed good teamwork.


Issue 38 - Ice Raiders

January 23, 2008

While out testing the DriveMax Megazord the rangers find a giant ice block and decided to take it back to the base. Moments after the rangers leave the ice breaks open and Flurious and Norg walk out. They take the two jewels of the Corona Aurora that the rangers had and teleport back to the ice cave. As Flurious tells his brother Moltor on the monitor what he has done, the rangers enter, defeat the Chillers with their weapons and then leave with the jewels. Moments later Norg still has a jewel in his hand and Flurious is happy again, but not for long as the red ranger appears on the screen and says that the jewel Norg has is just a locator that looks like a jewel and thats what they used to find their stolen jewel in the first place.


Issue 39 - Panic Attack (also issue 54)

February 13, 2008

At the San Angeles University Miratrix over powers Rose the pink ranger and steals a powerful particle enhancer, she wants to use it to free Kamdor from his crystal prison. Later on a rooftop Miratrix puts Kamdor's crystal into the enhancer then switch's it on which makes a large Kamdor appear. The rangers arrive in their DriveMax Megazord and attack him with a Sabre Strike but it just goes straight through him. The enhancer didn't work as all it did was project a large harmless version of Kamdor. The pink ranger leaps from the Megazord and lands next to Miratrix but before Miratrix could attack, the pink ranger blasts the enhancer with her Drive Geyser causing it to explode. Miratrix picks up Kamdor's crystal and teleports away.


Issue 40 - Bitter Rivals

March 5, 2008

Andrew is watching his rival Vinter Colbane on tv who has found the long-lost Faberge Egg. Later when Andrew is scanning for jewel signals he finds one in Cape West, right where Vinter Colbane's mansion is located. Rose believes that the egg contains a jewel. Will breaks into the mansion alone and sees a man giving Vinter the Corona Aurora. Will morphs and the man turns out to be Moltor in desguies, as they battle the black ranger calls for back-up. When Vinter tries to leave with the Corona Aurora the other rangers stop him. The black ranger uses his Hovercraft Cycle to destroy the Lava Lizards but Moltor escapes with the Corona Aurora. Vinter's egg was a fake and the signal the rangers detected was from the Corona Aurora, but not all was lost as Will retrevied Mack's mother's necklace from Vinter's mansion.


Issue 41 - Frozen Warrior

March 26, 2008

Flurious uncovers a battle droid that has been frozen in the ice close to his cave. Not knowing about the battle droid, the rangers goto Flurious cave on a secret mission to find clues as to where Moltor is keeping the Corona Aurora. As the rangers reach the cave in the SHARC jet they are hit by a blast from the battle droid and have to crash-land. The rangers morph and jump out of the way of the droid's ball and chain attack. The yellow ranger uses her Drive Claws to throw snow at the droid while the red ranger breaks the droid's chain with his Drive Lance. When the ball lands the black ranger hits it with his Drive Slammer into the droid's stomach where the yellow ranger was hitting it with snow causing it's body to shatter. The droid was easily destroyed because being trapped in the ice for so long it made its metal brittle, Norg found a new use for the droid's shield though, as a sledge.


Issue 42 - Dead-Shot Dax

April 16, 2008

While testing The Drill Blaster Dax just can't seem to hit the target. Mister Hartford asks to see the rangers and believes that Kamdor and Miratrix are heading to an island. Mack recognised the island as Oak Island which is said to contain buried treasure in a flooded pit. The rangers split up and head to the island, The blue and yellow rangers find the pit but also find Kamdor and Miratrix. The other rangers arrive underwater in the Sub Driver but are attacked by a monster sea serpent which starts to crush the Sub. Kamdor and Miratrix leave so the blue ranger gets into the Gyro Driver as the yellow ranger tells the others to get the Sub to the surface. The blue ranger must blast the sea serpent but if he is off target he will blow up the Sub, he fires hitting the sea serpent and saving the rangers making him Dead-Shot Dax.


Issue 43 - Quick Fix

May 7, 2008

The rangers head down to the San Angeles Dam where Lava Lizards were detected, Moltor appears with his new Dam-buster robot who starts to destroy the dam. As the rangers combine the Megazord they don't see the Lava Lizards surrounding them, They trap the Megazord in a force field in front of the dam. When Moltor's robot is finished so will be the rangers. The pink ranger thinks that the force field is magnetic which means they can't escape as rangers, so Ronny powers down and escapes using her super speed. She contacts Mr Hartford who sends her the Drill Driver, Ronny uses it to dig underneath one of the force field units and destroys it. Now with the Meagzord free the rangers combine it with the Drill Driver and destroy Moltor's Dam-buster robot. The dam can be repaired and will be ok.


Issue 44 - Duel in the Desert

May 28, 2008

The rangers are searching for jewels in the Australian Outback when they find an old shield and a boomerang. As the tv has reported on their mission all of their enemies now know where they are, so Andrew Hartford tells the rangers to bring the items back to the mansion. While the blue ranger flys the items back in his Gyro Driver he is forced to crash land as someone fires a rocket at him. On the ground the blue ranger is tied up by Mr Hartford's old enemy Vinter Colbane who also steals the shield and boomerang. The other rangers appear as Colbane leaves and the black ranger goes after him in his Speed Driver. Colbane gets into his plane and starts to take off but as the black ranger arrives he throws his Drive Slammer like a boomerang which breaks the plane's engine. The black ranger then gets the shield and the boomerang back while Vinter Colbane runs away.


Issue 45 - Family Allies

June 18, 2008

After a battle with Kamdor the Transtek Armour's firing system was damaged. The rangers get reports of Flurious and Moltor being seen near Redstone Caves so they morph and go to check it out. When they arrive they see Flurious and Moltor arguing but they get spotted and Flurious and Moltor open fire on them, causing part of the cave to fall and block three of the rangers out of the battle. The red ranger calls Mr Hartford and asks him to send the Transtek Armour even though it can't fire. Using her Drive Claws the yellow ranger starts to dig out the others while the red ranger grabs both Flurious and Moltor with the Transtek Armour's claws and takes them outside. When all rangers are free they head back to base leaving Flurious and Moltor to argue.




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