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Issue 30 - The Tunnel Roach

July 11, 2007

Koragg uses Udonna's snow staff to free a monster that Udonna trapped in ice in a place called Glacia, Koragg wants the monster to dig a hole down to the Underworld. The rangers morph into their Mystic Titans, with the red Titan holding back the monster the rest of the Titans combine into Dragon Mode and melt a frozen waterfall with a fire blast. The red Titan holds the monster back long enough for the Dragon Megazord to return and pick up the monster then drop it into the melted waterfall, which freezes back over trapping the monster inside.


Issue 31 - The Gemini Mirrors

August 1, 2007

A newspaper reports that someone stole a mirror from a two set at the museum. Vida sees that it's Necrolai in the picture and goes to see Udonna while the rest of the rangers go to the museum. Udonna tells Vida that if someone looks into one mirror they can walk out of the other one. Back at the museum Morticon walks out of the second mirror right next to the other rangers, who quickly morph. When Vida arrives at the museum Morticon has the rangers trapped so she uses her Tornado Power to drop the mirror on top of Morticon which sends him back to the Underworld. The mirror is now cracked and Morticon can't use it to return.


Issue 32 - Heart of Stone

August 22, 2007

Morticon uses a spell to boost the power of Necrolai's fangs which she uses to bring a stone gargoyle to life. She wants to use him to break Morticon out of the Underworld. As the gargoyle starts to grow the rangers appear and form the Titan Megazord, But none of their attacks seem to be hurting him so Necrolai and the gargoyle start to fly away. One thing wrong with a stone gargoyle is that it can't fly very fast and the Megazord soon catches up to it. The yellow ranger figures out the only place to hurt it is on its neck where Necrolai bit him with her fangs. The Megazord strikes and the gargoyle is destroyed.


Issue 33 - Alavon

September 12, 2007

In the magic realm the castle of Alavon rose from the water containing many magic weapons and secrets, the castle will lower back into the lake at sunset. The rangers head to the castle and try to defend it from Koragg and the Hidiacs, but it's no good. Chip remembers that the castle will lower at sunset so he gets the other rangers to follow him into the sky. Koragg thinks he has win but Chip fires a Sunset Spell which makes the castle lower back into the safety of the lake.


Issue 34 - Target: Rangers

October 10, 2007

Vida and Xander find the chest containing Fire Heart and defeat the monster called Boney. Necrolai uses her dark magic to bring Boney back to life bigger than ever. Later they both catch up with the rangers, Vida and Xander try to morph but Necrolai grabs their morphers, which start to glow their rangers colours. Boney sees the colours of the rangers and attacks hitting Necrolai. The other rangers show up and the blue ranger uses a water spell to get Vida and Xander's morphers back. Necrolai flies away leaving the two rangers to power up into their Mystic Titans. With the Mystic Sprite transforming into Magic Ball form and the Mystic Minotaur firing it towards Boney he is destroyed with one hit.


Issue 35 - The Shield of Hope

October 31, 2007

Years ago a dragon created two shields from its fiery breath and scales, Today Koragg has the shield of darkness but no one has ever found the Shield of Hope. Until one day the red ranger is walking through the Mystic Forest he finds a path he's never seen before. After following the long path he finds the Shield of Hope, but as he grabs it the ground breaks and he falls all the way down and into the Underworld right next to Morticon. As he sees the red ranger with the shield they begin to battle. Morticon kicks the shield away but the red ranger runs and jumps onto the shield then uses it as a flying surfboard that takes him back upto the surface, but as he gets outside the shield falls back into the Underworld just before the hole is sealed.


Issue 36 - Strange Allies

November 28, 2007

Two Hidiacs bring Morticon a gift, The Shield of Hope. He uses it's power to break out of the Underworld and appear in the forest in giant form. The rangers form the Titan Megazord and fire at Morticon but every shot was blocked by the Shield. The rangers then goto Dragon formation but as they fire another shot from the forest hits Morticon at the same time, The combined shot destroys the Shield of Hope and causes Morticon to be sucked back into the Underworld. As the rangers wonder if someone helped them, deep in the forest Koragg walks away knowing that Imperious can never use the Shield now.




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