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Issue 23 - Cold Demon

January 10, 2007

Udonna asks the rangers to find her missing Snow Staff, but first they have to deal with Koragg who is going to destroy the Woodland Village by droping a giant ice-dagger on top of it. The rangers quickly transform into the Mystic Titans and form Dragon Mode. Just as the dagger starts to fall the rangers smash it into little pieces and save the village, but Koragg gets away with the Snow Staff.


Issue 24 - Lost

February 7, 2007

After practising on their Mystic Racers the rangers start to head back to Rootcore but are surprised by Hidiacs. The rangers morph and battle them but no one sees Necrolai's monster Creeper capture the blue ranger. After the rest of the rangers finish off the Hidiacs they notice that Maddie is missing. Further away Necrolai takes Maddie's Magi Staff and swings it about causing a huge water spout, The rangers see this and run to help the blue ranger. Creeper launches roots and vines at them but the rangers cut through them then the pink ranger fires a Tornado blast at Necrolai which causes her to drop Maddie's Magi Staff. Necrolai retreats to the Underworld leaving the rangers to finish off Creeper.


Issue 25 - Web of Terror

February 28, 2007

Koragg finds the location of Rootcore and wants to get the Xenotome. He sends out a giant spider that captures Udonna and Clare in it's web, the rangers goto help leaving Rootcore empty. As they get there the spider attacks three of the rangers while the red and green rangers free Udonna and Clare, the pink ranger then uses her Magi Staff to create a wind current that blows the web over the spider capturing it. Udonna senses that the Xenotome is in trouble so the red ranger uses a spell code to turn his Mystic Racer into the Mystic Speeder and races back to Rootcore. Just as he arrives he sees Koragg returning to the Underworld with the Xenotome, but before he can disappear the red ranger kicks the Xenotome out of Koragg's hand sending him back with nothing.


Issue 26 - Right Place, Right Time

March 28, 2007

At the Rock Porium Toby plans to sell some of rock legend Tony Onyx old gear, but as he sets it up Necrolai enters and puts Toby under a spell then steals Tony Onyx's pendant which she can use to return Morticon to the surface world. What Necrolai didn't know is that both Xander and chip followed her outside. The rangers morph as Necrolai attacks them, the green ranger uses his powers to trap her with tree roots then the yellow ranger fires his Magi Staff in Crossbow mode at the Pendant. Now that the pendant is destroyed Necrolai retreats and Toby dosn't want to see anymore Tony Onyx gear.


Issue 27 - Back from the Brink

April 18, 2007

The Rangers in their Mystic Titan Megazord get beaten by Koragg in the Centaurus Wolf Megazord but Koragg decides not to finish the rangers off, instead he leaves. The rangers return to Rootcore but as they do the ground starts to shake, they morph and goto investigate. In the Underworld Morticon's Lair also shook so he sends Koragg to the surface, He finds that a geyser has burst through the suface and he wants to release Morticon through the hole. The rangers overheard his plan so the blue ranger uses her Magi Staff on the geyser and soaks Koragg who is now in the Centaurus Wolf Megazord once again. The rangers summon the Titan Megazord and morph into Dragon Mode, they charge towards Koragg who now finds he can't move because he's stuck in the mud. Knocking the weapon from Koragg's hand scares him and he retreats back to the Underworld.


Issue 28 - Axed

May 16, 2007

Morticon has made it to the surface world by giving some of his power to Koragg and Necrolai, but this means that they can't get to the surface world. Just as Morticon is about to break through an energy path to the Underworld so he can let Koragg and Necrolai into the surface world and get his power back, the rangers jump into action. They morph into their Mystic Titans but Morticon puts a trance spell on the Mystic Minotaur and gets him to smash the energy path bigger. Just as Morticon thinks he has win, his spell on the Mystic Minotaur wears off and he hits Morticon into the energy path and back into the Underworld. The Mystic Minotaur then uses a spell to seal the energy path.


Issue 29 - Underworld Ranger

June 13, 2007

Phineas sees Necrolai kidnapping Clare and tells nick, he also shows him a secret route to the Underworld. Morticon is trying to get Clare to tell him the secrets of the snow staff when Nick (now morphed) fly's in on his Mystic Racer and grabs Clare. Morticon now knows if the red ranger got into the Underworld he could now escape to the surface world by following him out. As the red ranger and Clare fly out of the secret route the Hidiacs are close behind, but before they can make it out the other rangers show up and cast a spell on a nearby cliff causing it to fall and block the entrance to the secret route.




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