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Issue 17 - Chains of Command

July 19, 2006

Emperor Gruumm appears on earth and captures Commander Cruger as he is over-seeing the delivery of power crystals to the power plant. Gruumm ties an electrical-chain around Cruger and can send an electrical pulse through it any time he wants, So he tells the rangers to surrender the Megazord to him or he'll hurt Cruger. The rangers have no choice but to surrender and Gruumm enters the Megazord, But as soon has he fires the blaster it backfire's sending fire into the cockpit forcing Gruumm to teleport out. The rangers set the blaster to backfire before they left the Megazord.


Issue 18 - The Skybot

August 16, 2006

As the rangers battle some krybots Sky shows off his new double battle move, But a krybot tackles him from behind and they both fall into a fusion chamer which hits them with fusion rays. The krybot jumps out of the chamber now a mysterious blue colour and performs Sky's double battle move to the other rangers before he escapes into the river which makes him grow bigger. Sky is confined to the base as the other rangers conbine all the zords to create the Megazord but the krybot freeze's it in mid-transformation with a force field just like Sky's genetic power. Back at the base Sky knows that the krybot is thinking like him and that he'll attack the base as it now knows the base's defences, but Cruger knows something that Sky dosen't and he actives Crawler Mode. The base transforms and blasts the krybot away with it's photon cannon.


Issue 19 - Out of the Shadows

September 13, 2006

The rangers defeat a giant robot but when they try to see who is inside, lots of bats fly out of it and bite Syd and Jack. As Kat updates their computer records she notices that the other rangers have also been bitten by insects. The alarm sounds as a familiar being is about to attack the base. The rangers jump into action and notice that the being looks like all five rangers mixed into one, Broodwing created him by stealing the DNA of the rangers. As none of the five rangers can beat this ranger warrior they get a little help from the Shadow ranger who uses his Shadow Sabre to destroy the fake ranger.


Issue 20 - Escape Route

October 11, 2006

After the rangers capture three criminals Galaxy Command wants them to release General Benaag from his containment card so they can question him. General Benaag manages to escape and knocks out Z just after she calls for back up. The other rangers chase Benaag to a power plant where he uses the power to charge up his lasers and trap the rangers. The Shadow ranger comes to help but Benaag turns his lasers on him, the Shadow ranger easily defelects his lasers then attacks with his Shadow Sabre. Z appears and traps General Benaag back onto a containment card.


Issue 21 - Orange Alert

November 8, 2006

In they're latest battle with the Krybots an Orangehead secretly collects data on the rangers and later transfers it into a sword. With this new disruptor sword he jams the power in the ranger's zords, weapons, morphers and even R.I.C. shutting them all down. The rangers start to battle the Krybots with punches and kicks, then Bridge gets an idea. He takes parts from a Krybot and puts them into R.I.C. to get him back online. Since the Orangehead can't jam the Krybot parts the rangers use R.I.C. in Canine Cannon mode to destroy him.


Issue 22 - Boom Time

December 6, 2006

Broodwing gets Piggy to switch Boom's computer with his own. When the rangers go to stop an attack on the city's gold bank, Boom's computer put's him into a trance with Broodwing's voice telling him to lock himself in the Delta Command Megazord cockpit and to join forces with his other robot. With the rangers in their Delta Runners trying not to get hit by Broodwing's robot Kat needs to hack into Boom's computer but doesn't know the password. Syd says try "Orange" as Boom wanted to be the orange ranger, it works. Now Commander Cruger calls Boom the orange ranger and orders him to destroy the other robot. Broodwing tries to over-ride Doggie's signal but can't so Boom destroys the robot.




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