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Issue 10 - The Enemy Within

January 4, 2006

Sky and Bridge capture two aliens who were speeding around Newtech City in a car. Back at SPD Headquarters Commander Cruger tells the rangers that the new X-Zord has been stolen. The rangers believe that it was someone inside the base that stole it so they goto see piggy and he tells them that he saw the zord at the old sports stadium. As the rangers enter a nervous thief inside the X-Zord hits the controls by mistake and it transforms to robot mode causing it to fire wildly. The rangers bring their zords together to create the megazord and as they don't want to destroythe X-Zord they just shoot its leg knocking it to the ground. Inside they find a shape-shifter that can be human or alien, thats how he got into the base to steal the X-Zord.


Issue 11 - Secret Missions

February 1, 2006

The rangers detect krybots at a factory and go to invesigate, as the rangers battle with the krybots and bluehead hides somthing in an air vent then teleports back to Gruumm's spaceship. Later Bridge tells Syd that he couldn't detect the aura of the engineer from the factory. The next day Syd goes to the factory in disguise and spots the engineer removing somthing from the vent and putting it into his arm, he's an android. Syd morphs and calls for back up just before the engineer fires lasers from his eyes. A crane starts to move behind Syd and transforms into a robot, the engineer is now controlling it and tries to sqush Syd. But he's to late as the rest of the rangers show up and blast the robot with the canine cannon leaving Syd to capture the engineer in a containment card.


Issue 12 - New Enemies

March 1, 2006

A robot is slicing up a bank security van as the rangers appear in their megazord, the robot tries to leave but the rangers shoot it with their blaster. When arresting the two people inside the robot Jack reconises one of them as a small time crook from his days on the streets and decides to let him go, but not before putting a tracer on him. The rangers follow the man to an old warehouse where they meet Broodwing for the first time. Broodwing comands his Ro-dogs to attack and as the rangers battle them broodwing makes his escape.


Issue 13 - Piggy in the Middle

March 29, 2006

A bluehead steals a suitcase with a gadget inside but has to hide it inside a tunnel so he can escape from the rangers. In the tunnel an alien finds the case and decides to trade it for food at piggy's. The rangers goto see if  piggy has seen the case but he says no. The bluehead shows up with some krybots and the rangers take care of them as ric sniffs out piggy hiding with the suitcase. The rangers let piggy off with a warning as he didn't steal the case but as they walk away piggy is holding a tracking device that was on the case and plans to sell it.


Issue 14 - A Little Bit Lethal

April 26, 2006

A giant robot is trying to steal diamonds at the harbour but as the megazord destroys the robot the rangers detect five life forms inside. Four try to run with the rangers on their tail leaving the pink ranger to capture the fifth one who is still inside the robot. As the rangers catch the first four Syd finds that the last one is a small cute creature which they take back to the delta base. Gruumm sends a battle-droid to attack the delta base but the rangers can't do anything as all the electronics dont seem to be working. Sky believes that everything started going wrong when they brought the small creature back, so he runs to Syd and Z's room and captures the creature in a containment card. Just as he does all the electronics start to work again giving the rangers back control of the delta base's weapons which they use to destroy the battle-droid. Later Kat says that the creature is called a Meekatid and that they give off rays that disrupt eletronics, Kat also says she can make a collar for the Meekatid to stop it giving off rays so that they can let it out of the containment card.


Issue 15 - The Heist

May 24, 2006

The rangers head to a bank raid but they're to later so they decide to watch the tape from the secuirty camera. As they do they see an Orangehead stealing a bag of money but he drops some. Bridge finds the money and gets ric to follow its scent which leads them to an old air-strip hanger. Inside the Orangehead was using the money to buy SPD secret documents from Broodwing. Both exit the hanger when the rangers enter to find the documents and money still there. The Orangehead hits a security truck to steal a canister of containment cards for Gruumm, but as he leaves the truck the rangers are waiting outside to blast him onto a containment card.




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