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Issue 1 - The Amber Claw

April 6, 2005

Tommy spots Zeltrax and a new monster appearing at the museum and calls the rangers, but before they can get into the museum they have to blast through Elsa and the Tyranodrones. Inside Zeltrax found what he was looking for, a dinosaur claw preserved in amber which Mesogog can use to create an army of monsters. The rangers arrive and destroy the monster with the Z-Rex blaster, but Mesogog activtes the ragenerating rain that makes the monster grow in-size. The rangers form the megazord and battle with the monster but no-one is winning, so they decide to detatch their zords and attack three different parts of the monster at the same time causing it to explode. Zeltrax is about to teleport with the claw but Connor uses his super speed and grabs it just before Zeltrax can return to Mesogog's lair.


Issue 2 - Raptor Rampage

May 4, 2005

Ethan runs a computer simulation of Connor on his raptor rider in battle and finds his weakness, he leaves himself open when he strikes with the tyranno spear across his body. Just then some Tyranodrones appear at the forest and our rangers morph and head over there. As they battle Elsa appears and lets an insect loose that bites Connor's neck. This makes him act crazy before he knocks both Ethan and Kira down then leaves on his raptor rider. Ethan goes after Connor and Kira captures the insect which she takes back to Tommy who finds out that it was carrying a mind-scrambling virus. Tommy creates an antidote but Ethan has to hold off Connor until Kira can get it to them. As Connor comes to attack, Ethan remembers his weakness from the computer simulation and as Connor attacks, Ethan strikes him with his tricera shield knocking him to the ground. Kira and Tommy arrive just in time to give him the antidote.


Issue 3 - Chink in the Armour

June 1, 2005

As the rangers defeat a fire breathing monster one of its scales attached itself to the back of Ethan, When they get back to the base the scale then jumps off and sticks to Tommy's computer. Mesogog rebuilds the monster and the rangers head out to fight it again only to find that it has grown very big in size, Tommy tries to send the zords but something has seized his computer. The rangers are now getting beat by the monster but back at base Tommy finds the scale attached to his computer and destroys it, now he can send the zords. The rangers form the megazord and attack the part of the monster that is missing a scale with the dino drill causing the monster to disappear. Once again Mesogog is not very happy.


Issue 4 - Heat Hunters

July 6, 2005

As our three rangers are out on patrol on their raptor cycles, they are attacked by Mesogog's new robots called heat hunters. The rangers manage to battle free from them and try to get away on ther raptor cycles. But the robots catch up to them and attack their cycles causing the rangers to fall off. Time for the Z-Rex blaster, this destroys some of the robots but also sets a tree on fire. The rangers watch as the robots now attack the tree giving Ethan an idea, he picks up one of the branches from the burnning tree and throws it through an invisiportal. All of the robots now follow the branch through the portal into Mesogog's lair and start to attack him.


Issue 5 - Amber Alert

August 3, 2005

Zeltrax seals the red ranger and his raptor rider in amber like a living fossil. Blue and yellow rangers goto help him but they also get sealed in amber. The black ranger appears and before Zeltrax can seal him in amber he jumps from his dino ATV and fires an energy orb at Connor which free's him to attack Zeltrax. But Zeltrax decides to get away by jumping through an invisiportal leaving Tommy to free Kira and Ethan.


Issue 6 - Day of the Dinosaur

September 7, 2005

Mesogog opened a time portal and has brought a tyrannosaurus rex to Reefside, the rangers goto investigate. Tyrannodrones appear so Connor and Ethan battle with them as Kira distracts the t-rex. Later the black ranger joins them holding an energy disrupter, if he can get it through the portal the device can close it. Tommy gets the t-rex to follow him towards the poral and as they get closer Tommy throws his device into the t-rex's mouth and jumps clear, leaving the t-rex to run through the portal activating the device that causes the portal to close.


Issue 7 - Shrinking Target

October 5, 2005

The rangers check out reports of giant footprints at the canyon only to find a giant alligator. As the rangers wonder how to defeat it, a beam of light shrinks it to normal size. The rangers look up and find Elsa with a monster named Minimax, Elsa tells him to shrink the rangers and he turns them into real-life action figures. Later the white ranger shows up looking for his friends but Elsa has already taken them back to Mesogog's lair. Elsa also wants the rangers raptor cycles so she sends three Tyrannodrones to get them, but they run into the white ranger who defeats all three of them and then rides his ATV through the invisiportal. Minimax tries to shrink him but he deflects his beam back at him which destroys Minimax and free's the rangers, leaving them all to jump back through the invisiportal.


Issue 8 - Tyranno Trouble

November 2, 2005

The rangers are battling Tyrannodrones on a dig site but after awhile the Tyrannodrones start winning as for some reason they've got alot stronger and knock Kira, Trent and Ethan out cold. Connor contacts Tommy then decides to lead the last Tyrannodrone away from the others. Tommy comes to help but the Tyrannodrone knocks him off of his raptor rider. Both rangers power up to super dino mode to defeat the Tyrannodrone by knocking him into the quarry wall causing rocks to fall traping him underneath. Later back at base all rangers are ok as Tommy runs a test on a tissue sample he had taken from the crushed Tyrannodrone revealing that it's DNA had mutated giving it extra powers.


Issue 9 - Triptoid Trouble

December 7, 2005

Zeltrax and the Triptoids are raiding the museum for bones. The rangers jump in to stop them but one of the Triptoids hits the blue and yellow rangers with a strange ray that puts them into a trance long enough for Zeltrax to steal their morphers. He then jumps through an invisiportal and is followed by the red ranger into Mesogog's lair. The Triptoids and the Tyrannodrones attack as the yellow rangers morpher starts to glow in Zeltrax's hand. As he doesn't know that it's a communicator he keeps talking to the red ranger while back at ranger base Tommy and Trent can hear him speak. To confuse Zeltrax Tommy and Trent say that the red ranger is not alone and that both of them are also there. As Zeltrax looks around for them the red ranger has time to convert his thundermax sabre to laser mode and blasts the two morphers out of his hand, using his super speed the red ranger grabs the morphers and jumps back through the invisiportal. Back at ranger base Connor reunites Ethan and Kira with their morphers.


Issue 16 - Mightier than the Zord

June 21, 2006

Mesogog sends a new monster to Reefside and the rangers attack, but their weapons don't seem to stop him they only make him grow bigger. The black ranger comes to help and calls the zords to form the Thundersaurus megazord incomplete as the yellow ranger is hurt. But again as the megazord fires at the monster it only makes him bigger and stronger. The black ranger thinks that the receiver dishes on the monster are amplifying their own firepower. Amplify..this gives Kira an idea, she uses her ptera scream on the monster which builds up inside him causing him to explode. Mesogog is left unhappy again.




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