Comic strip details from the official UK Power Rangers magazine.






Issue 1 - Will of Power

April 6, 2005

As Shane is skateboarding a sand demon appears so Shane morphs as the other rangers show up to help him. The sand demon creates a whirlwind that blows the lion hammer out of Dustin's hands allowing Marah to steal it. As the thunder rangers destroy the sand demom, Kapri snatches Shanes weapon and they both take them back to Lothor. The rangers form the megazord and as Lothor is looking for them, he recreates the sand demon but this time he's much bigger. The thunder rangers make their beetlezord invisible but when they fire at the demon this gives their position away and Lothor opens fire on them causing their thunder blaster to fly up into the air where the sand demon catches it and gives it to lothor. The megazord appears and destroys the sand demon but Lothor has the rangers weapons and puts  them together to create the thunderstorm cannon. He aims at the megazord but when he pulls the trigger it explodes as the thunder rangers had reprogrammed it to do so.


Issue 2 - The Perfect Storm

May 4, 2005

Zurgane is at the beach and pours something into the water that will create a new monster called Squall. The rangers morph and get into their zords then split up to find out what is happening. Dustin finds Zurgane and tries to attack him but he calls for Squall to use his jet-wave that knocks the lion zord into the cliff. Shane comes to help in his hawk zord but is knocked out of the sky by Squall's waterspout blast. Zurgane tells the rangers that they can't see Squall because he's invisible. Tori has an idea and tells Dustin to create a tornado with his lion zord which blows seaweed all over Squall and now the rangers can see him. Tori then fires a laser from her dolphin zord that destroys Squall leaving Zurgane all alone to teleport away.


Issue 3 - Snakes Alive

June 1, 2005

The thunder rangers are watching the kelzacks build something and decided to attack, But when Cam sends them their zords this distracts them allowing the rest of the kelzacks to teleport away. Both thunder rangers are upset at Cam sending the zords as they didn't need them, so they walk away and leave him there. Cam investigates what the kelzacks were building but some of the kelzacks start to wake up, so Cam morphs to battle them. The thunder rangers stop and think that it was wrong to leave Cam and decide to go back and help him. As they arrive they see what the kelzacks were building, a hugh monster called the kelzack serpents. Cam calls their zords and they form the samurai thunder megazord which destroys the monster. Back at base Blake, Hunter and Cam are all friends again.




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