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Jetix Magazine Issue 63

Released: 2nd of April 2009

The Magazine has part 8 of the Sonic X comic, Posters of Monsters vs Aliens the videogame, Pokemon Battle Dimension and Lego Power Miners. There's info on more new Jetix shows, a look at the characters from Monsters vs Aliens the videogame, Lego Power Miners and Kid vs Kat. There's also an interview with Fran from Jungle Fury, a look at the new Dragonball Evolution

live action movie and a Duplicator featuring Chimchar from Pokemon Battle Dimension. Free Gifts: Lego Power Miner, Alien Popper, Videogame cheats book, Nintendo DSi mini-mag and a pack of Match Attax trading cards.


Magazine Note:

The price of this issue went up from 2.99 to 3.99, the last time this happened was with issue 54 where you got a free Lego Star Wars Clone Trooper. This issue you get a free Lego Power Miner so it looks like the extra pound is to cover the cost of the 'free' Lego figure.


Disc Notes:

No disc this month, but it return's next issue.



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