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Jetix Magazine Issue 59

Released: 18th of December 2008

The Magazine has part 4 of the Sonic X comic and part 8 of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic. Posters of Power Rangers Jungle Fury and Star Wars the Clone Wars. Info on two new shows coming to Jetix: Huntik Secrets & Seekers and Chaotic, a look at Dai Shi from Jungle Fury and a Pokemon Battle Dimension quiz. There's also a Dinosaur King interview, a Sonic Unleashed competition and a review of Tomb Raider Underworld. Plus a Duplicator featuring Piplup from Pokemon Battle Dimension. Free Gifts: Large Pokemon Battle Dimension poster, Videogame cheats book and a Alien disc launcher.

Pokemon Battle DimensionPower Rangers Jungle FuryPokemon the Rise of the Darkrai


Full Video CD contents:

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Pokemon Battle Dimension

"Tears For Fears!"


Power Rangers Jungle Fury (Promo 4)

Pokemon Battle Dimension

Pokemon the Rise of the Darkrai

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Air Hockey: Labrador Edition

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Power Rangers SPD

Shuriken School


Door Hangers: Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Trading Cards: YinYangYo!
Wallpaper: Power Rangers Dino Thunder



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