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Jetix Magazine Issue 33

Released: 15th of February 2007

The Magazine has part ten of the Sonic X story, part four of the Ninja Turtles story and in-case you missed it they've reprinted the Power Rangers Dino Thunder comic (part 1) from issue four of the magazine. Posters include Naruto Ultimate Ninja and Arthur and the Invisibles. There's also an interview with Mystic Force's pink ranger Angie Diaz, Countdown to the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and a Duplicator featuring Carl from YinYangYo!. Free Gifts: Sonic X pinball game, Jetix sticker sheet (includes Mystic Force) and the Pokemon comic book Vol 5.

NarutoTotally Spies UndercoverDisney Online Game Demos


Full Video CD contents:

Full Episode 1:
Episode Title:


"White Past: Hidden Ambition"

Full Episode 2:
Episode Title:

Totally Spies Undercover
"Evil Heiress Much?"

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Game Demos:

Aladdin Pinball

Aladin Magic Carpet Racing

Disney's Disoku Apprentice

Disney's Disoku Master

Disney's Kim Possible

Disney's Toytopia

Disney's Trivia Time

Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball

Stitch's Blazing Lasers

The Lion King Grubalicious

The Little Mermaid Bubble Blast

The Little Mermaid Pinball



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