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Jetix Magazine Issue 25

Released: 10th of July 2006

The Magazine has part one of a new Power Rangers SPD comic strip, posters of Lego Star Wars, Cars and Wolverine. There's also information on the characters from Over the Hedge, part two of the Sonic X comic strip, how to draw Aiai from Super Monkey Ball, and an X-Men Duplicator featuring Sabretooth. Note: The magazine has lost its glossy cover.

Free Gifts: Yu-Gi-Oh! Online PC game dualpass, Over the Hedge door hanger, Flying Glider and a pack of Chewits sweets.

Shaman KingSuper Mario Bros Super ShowPower Rangers Mystic Force


Full Video CD contents:

Full Episode 1:
Episode Title:

Shaman King


Full Episode 2:
Episode Titles:

Super Mario Bros Super Show
Live action section: "Bonkers from Yonkers"

Cartoon section: "The Great Gladiator gig"

First Look:

Power Rangers Mystic Force

Disc Notes:

This is not a DVD disc it's a Video CD which can still be played on most DVD players. Video CD was made long before DVD, it has poorer video quality and holds a lot less amount of video. This disc comes in the old carboard sleeve. All future Jetix discs will be Video CD's.



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