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Jetix Magazine Issue 24

Released: 13th of June 2006

The Magazine has part two of the Power Rangers SPD comic strip, posters of Over the Hedge and Galactik Football. There's also puzzles from the movie The Wild, an eleven page Sonic X comic strip, a Mario Duplicator and the chance to win the Power Rangers SPD volume 3: Wired DVD. Note: The magazine now has a new glossy cover, nice. Free Gift: Yu-Gi-Oh! Online PC game disc.

Jetix DVD 24 Main MenuSonic XGalactik Football


Full DVD contents:

Full Episode 1:
Episode Title:

Sonic X

"The Fatal Swirl"

Full Episode 2:
Episode Title:

Galactik Football
"The Comeback"


Sonic X

Complete Quiz for:

Power Rangers SPD - Omega Ranger trailer

You can get this from the SPD UK Promos page

Movie Trailer: Over the Hedge

Video Game Trailers:

Sensible Soccer 2006

Ape Escape 3

Fifa World Cup 2006

MotoGP 06

Rogue Galaxy

Interactive Comic: Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Secret Area:

X-Men True or False

A.T.O.M - Alpha Teens on Machines Fact files

Put the DVD into your PC for:

Game Demos:

Over the Hedge

Ice Age 2

Flash Game: Get Ed - Dojo Delivery Dash!

Pictures to colour:

Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta

Shuriken School


Lego Bionicle: Piraka


Lego Bionicle: Piraka

Music: Lego Bionicle: Piraka - The gang is on the loose



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