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Jetix Magazine Issue 16

Released: 3rd of November 2005

The Magazine has part two of the Power Rangers SPD comic strip, posters of TMNT Donatello and Shadow the Hedgehog. There's also a Ninja Turtles dice game, a Rogues Gallery featuring Alexander Paine from A.T.O.M, cut out and keep Ninja Turtles optical illusion, an A.T.O.M Duplicator featuring Shark, How to draw Martin Mystery and a Ninja Turtles weapons search.

Free Gift: Sly Cooper comic.

Jetix DVD 16 Main MenuMighty Morphin Alien RangersPower Rangers ZeoPower Rangers Turbo


Full DVD contents:

Full Episode 1:
Episode Title:

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

"Attack of the 60' Bulk"

Full Episode 2:
Episode Title:

Power Rangers Zeo
"Mean Screen"

Full Episode 3:
Episode Title:

Power Rangers Turbo
"Shadow Rangers"


Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

Complete Quiz for:

Code to the Secret Area

Secret Area:

Power Rangers Dino Thunder True or False Quiz

Power Rangers Time Force Fact Files

Power Rangers SPD Pink ranger video profile

Power Rangers SPD Green ranger video profile

Power Rangers SPD Series Trailer

7 Jetix Heroes trailers featuring Power Rangers

You can get one of these at the PRG Promos page.

Put the DVD into your PC for:

Flash Game: Power Rangers Rocket Storm


Power Rangers Dino Thunder



Door Hangers:

Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Pictures to colour: Power Rangers Dino Thunder



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