12.5cm Action Figures

Each figure has multiple points of articulation. Red ranger comes with a sword while the others get a blue energy blast. Alpha 5 figure also available.

SRP: 9.99 each.

17.5cm Action Figures

Press the ranger's morpher to activate the pulsing light on their chest.

Only available in Pink, Red and Blue.
SRP: 16.99 each.

30cm Action Figures

Evil doesn't stand a chance against these super sized rangers.
SRP: 12.99 each.

Battle Zords

For the first time the zords are sold separately. When combined they create the Megazord. Each zord comes with its respective coloured mini figure.
SRP: 19.99 each, T-Rex SRP: 34.99.

Interactive Megazord

This is a large all in one Interactive Megazord figure that is not created by combining zords together. It features expandable wings, battle and flight sounds, light up helmet, chest and feet, wrist-mounted weapons and five individual cockpits for each included 5cm mini ranger figure.
44cm. SRP: 59.99

Ranger Gear

Red Ranger Mask: Put on the mask and get ready to defend the earth from evil!. Features voice and sound fx. 17cm. Morpher: Insert one of five included power coins and Morph into your favourite Ranger. Features sound fx. 15.5cm. Red Ranger Sword: Gear up with a light up blade and two modes 'Training' and 'Battle'. 60cm. All sold separately.
Mask SRP: 14.99, Morpher SRP: 29.99, Sword SRP: 29.99




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