Annual 2009

Operation Overdrive Annual 2009

Egmont, 2008


Features character profiles, puzzles and the following comic strips from the 2005 UK PR Magazine:

"The Easter Island Trap" (UK PR Mag 37)

"Ice Raiders" (UK PR Mag 38)

"Bitter Rivals" (UK PR Mag 40)

Operation Teamwork

Operation Overdrive: Operation Teamwork

Dalmatian Kids, 2007


23 page storybook. The Rangers have been sent on a special mission to retrieve one of the five Corona Aurora jewels from the ancient city of Atlantis, But Flurious plans to get it first.

Transfer Book

Operation Overdrive Transfer Book

Parragon, 2007


30 page activity book with over 50 transfers to use on some of the puzzles. Later reprinted as a smaller book and retitled Operation Overdrive Activity Book to be included in the Power Rangers Book Tin 2008.

Sticker Play Book

Operation Overdrive Sticker Play Book to Color: Kick into Overdrive

Dalmatian Press, 2008


Find the correct page for each of the 30 stickers then colour in the rest of the picture in this 32 page book. Also contains an extra 43 stickers to use anywhere.

Storybook and CD

Operation Overdrive Storybook and CD

Parragon, 2007


42 pages with 79 full colour photos from the first two episodes titled 'Kick Into Overdrive'. Follow the story in the book while listing to the 15 minute audio cd which contains original voices, songs and music from the show. A second track on the cd features the Operation Overdrive theme song.




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