Ultimate Sticker Book To Colour

Ultimate Sticker Book To Colour

Dalmatian Press, 2006


55 pages to colour featuring SPD, Dino Thunder, Ninja Storm and Wild Force. Also includes 700 stickers featuring the shows above aswell as Time Force, Lightspeed Rescue and Lost Galaxy.

Action Figure Book to Colour

Power Rangers Action Figure Book to Colour:

Go The Limit

Dalmatian Press, 2007


47 pages to colour featuring 18 Mystic Force, 18 Space Patrol Delta and 11 Ninja Storm. Also comes with two 6cm SPD action figures.

Fun-shaped Colouring

Mystic Force Fun-shaped Colouring

Parragon, 2007


Contains 64 pages to colour featuring Mystic Force, Space Patrol Delta, Dino Thunder and Ninja Storm.

Bumper Colouring

Mystic Force Bumper Colouring

Parragon, 2007


Contains 112 pages to colour featuring 63 for Mystic Force, 36 for Space Patrol Delta, 6 for Dino Thunder and 7 for Ninja Storm.

Disney Comics Collection

Disney Comics Collection: Power Rangers

Dalmatian Press, 2010


Features the following comic strips:

Space Patrol Delta: "Speed Demon"

Mystic Force: "The Shield of Hope" (UK PR Mag 35)

Space Patrol Delta: "From Sirius, With Menace"

Mystic Force: "Underworld Ranger" (UK PR Mag 29)

plus a comic strip poster and speech bubble stickers.

Great Adventures

Power Rangers Great Adventures

Level 2 Reading Book

DK Publishing, 2008


Features Space Patrol Delta, Mystic Force and Operation Overdrive. 30 pages.

Super Legends Summer Annual 2009

Super Legends Summer Annual 2009

Egmont, 2009


Features puzzles, games, pictures to colour and the

following comic strips from the 2005 UK PR Magazine:

Operation Overdrive "Top of the World" (issue 46)

and Space Patrol Delta "Boom Time" (issue 22)

Also includes 71 stickers.

Gigantic Book to Color

Power Rangers Super Legends

Gigantic Book to Color

Dalmatian Press, 2007


Contains 194 pages to colour featuring 48 for Operation Overdrive, 57 for Mystic Force, 31 for Space Patrol Delta, 21 for Dino Thunder and 37 for Ninja Storm. Also contains 29 pages of puzzles.

Copy & Colour Sticker Book

Power Rangers Copy & Colour Sticker Book

Parragon, 2009


Find the correct sticker for each page then use it as a guide to colour the picture. 32 pages to colour featuring 9 Operation Overdrive, 7 S.P.D and 16 Mystic Force. NO Jungle Fury even though it appears on the cover.


Giant Fun Book

Power Rangers Giant Fun Book

Parragon, 2008


Contains 131 pages to colour featuring: 26 for Jungle Fury, 45 for Operation Overdrive, 5 for Mystic Force, 37 for Space Patrol Delta, 8 for Dino Thunder and 10 for Ninja Storm. Plus 54 pages of puzzles and an Overdrive quiz. Reprinted as "Power Rangers Bumper Colour & Activity".

Activity Book

Jungle Fury Activity Book

Parragon, 2008


47 pages of wordsearches, Crosswords, Mazes, Spot the difference, Pictures to colour and more. Also features Operation Overdrive, Mystic Force and S.P.D. Comes with a Key Ring.

Rumble and Roar! RPM Rumble and Roar!

Dalmatian Press, 2009


Contains 71 pages to colour featuring 41 for RPM, 16 for Jungle Fury and 14 for Space Patrol Delta. Also contains 25 pages of puzzles & 38 stickers. Only the RPM pages are new, all other pages are reprints from various books.

Bumper Colour and Activity

Power Rangers Bumper Colour and Activity

Parragon, 2010


This is a reprint of the "Power Rangers Giant Fun Book" from above. All the pages are exactly the same, The only thing different is the cover now features the RPM rangers. Power Rangers RPM does NOT feature inside this book.


Giant Color & Activity

Power Rangers Samurai: Giant Color & Activity

Parragon, December 2011


224 pages, Featuring 123 to colour and 95 of puzzles. Only the 65 Samurai pages are new, the pages of SPD, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury & RPM are taken from previous books. Also includes 56 stickers.

Storybook Treasury

Power Rangers: Storybook Treasury
Parragon, December 2013


150 page storybook featuring the events from 7 episodes, 2 from Megaforce: Mega Mission (different from the "Mega Mission" book) and He Blasted Me With Science (different from "Alien Attack" book). Plus 5 from Samurai: I've got a Spell on Blue, Jayden's Challenge, Unexpected Arrival, The Blue and the Gold and Team Spirit. All 5 are reprints from the "Samurai: Storybook Collection", even the page numbers are the same. Features 161 full colour images from the seven episodes. The first 3 Samurai episodes were original taken from the Samurai book: "Bumper Sticker Activity".




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