1001 Stickers

Power Rangers Dino Charge: 1001 Stickers

Autumn Publishing, July 2015


45 pages. Use the stickers to complete the missing sections of pictures and to complete lots of puzzles. Also features Pictures to Colour, Memory Games, Odd One Out, Mazes, Message Decode, Shadow Match, What's Not Right, Wordsearch, Fill In The Blanks and lots more. Features clipart only, There are no photos. Includes 1056 square stickers, all of which are the same size of 1.6x1.6cm. Larger images are also divided into squares this size.

Official Handbook

Power Rangers Dino Charge: Official Handbook

Autumn Publishing, October 2015


38 pages. Features 15 pages of Ranger and Zord profiles and 20 pages of puzzles and activitys. Includes Pictures to Colour, Copy The Picture, Complete The Helmets, Maze, Wordsearch, Dino Decode, Ranger Rows, Speed Scramble, Shadow Match, Spot The Difference and more. Features clipart only. Includes 36 stickers and card game Dino Force Duel which has 18 photo cards.

Search and Find

Power Rangers Dino Charge: Search and Find

Autumn Publishing, October 2015


24 pages. Features 10 two page scenes in which you have to find Energems, Zords, Chargers, etc. Then place a sticker next to that item in the Search Log. One of the scenes is also a spot the difference and there are two answer pages. On the cover it says 50 stickers but you actually get 77. This includes 54 Dino Search Log stickers, 12 Mission Complete stickers, 5 Ranger stickers, 5 Dino Badge stickers and 1 Dino Charge Logo sticker.

Sticker & Activity

Power Rangers Dino Charge: Sticker & Activity

Autumn Publishing, June 2016


14 pages of activities featuring Complete the Sequence, Guess Who, Matching Pairs, Maze, Spot The Difference, Colouring In and a Ranger Race boardgame. All pages are full colour mostly featuring comic artwork but some puzzles feature photos from the show. Includes an answers page. Comes with 543 full colour clipart and photo stickers of which 151 are Power Rangers related, the rest are coloured hexagon shapes for use in one of the activities.

Sticker Scenes

Power Rangers Dino Charge: Sticker Scenes

Autumn Publishing, June 2016


15 pages. There are 13 scene photos for you to fill using the included stickers and there are also hidden items in them for you to find. Includes info on the five rangers, zords and villains. Comes with 210 full colour stickers of which 170 are photo stickers featuring the rangers morphed and un-morphed, villains, weapons and other items.

Colouring Fun

Power Rangers Dino Charge: Colouring Fun

Autumn Publishing, June 2016


14 pages to colour in featuring the five rangers in group and solo shots, Also features two zords, Sledge and Keeper. Plus there's an extra page in which you have to build the megazord using stickers. Includes 311 full colour Power Rangers clipart stickers.

Ultimate Sticker & Activity

Power Rangers Dino Charge: Ultimate Sticker & Activity

Autumn Publishing, June 2016


45 pages. This is a collection of the three other Dino Charge books above: Sticker & Activity, Sticker Scenes and Colouring Fun. It even includes all 1064 stickers.

The Junior Novel

Power Rangers Dino Charge: The Junior Novel

Igloo Books, May 2017


139 page novel based on the first two episodes of the show "Powers From The Past" and "Past, Present and Fusion". Some scenes have been moved around to make a better reading experience. Also includes an extra 8 pages of full colour photos featuring the five rangers, villains and allies.




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