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12 November 2023

Our 'Shenmue Park' YouTube Channel is officially opened today with the first video. See the 'Remove the on-screen clock.' page for more.



10 June 2023

Grouped the Shenmue II links by location and added the location headings in the 'Shenmue Park' section.



1 September 2022

Started the 'Shenmue Park' section.



14 August 2022

Applied a small colour change in the 'Updates' page:

Changed the colour of the new differences text from THIS to THIS.
Changed the colour of the upgraded differences text from THIS to THIS.

It doesn't look like much here but it makes the 'Updates' page a lot easier to read.



15 October 2021

From today we will be upgrading the image size of some of our older differences to match the current size on the website.



7 July 2020

Fixed links that showed as a double underline in Firefox back to a single underline.


14 July 2019

This page was previously titled 'Updates' but today we have renamed it to 'Site Updates' as we have moved the new differences

table from this page to it's own titled 'Updates'.



2 August 2018

New differences added to the site will be listed here.

14.7.19 Update: The table has been moved to the new  'Updates' page.



1 August 2018
Site gets a graphical overhaul and a Twitter page.



18 June 2017
Site reopens with a little tidy up.



16 January 2004

Site originally opens


8 November 2003

Site created



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