Welcome to Shenmue Park! the extras section of the Shenmue II Graphical Differences site.

Here I will be collecting all of the little extra Shenmue things that I've found over the years.


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Shenmue 2

Hide pause menu.

Remove the on-screen clock.


Worker's Pier (Boat)


No advertising boards at night.

Ice cream cup logo reversed.


Worker's Pier

FiveStars Corp name change.

Night Windows.

Disappearing Trash.

*NEW* Teleporting Street Light. *NEW*


Fortune's Pier

Floating Light Bulb.


Green Market Qr

Blue Wall.


Golden Qr

Mall Closed Sign.


White Dynasty Qr

Magic Clothes.


Lucky Charm Qr

Broken Chair.

What's at the top the stairs?


Wise Men's Qr

Clock face reversed.




Shenmue 3

Outside, Inside?

Shenhua low quality clothes texture.

Cruise Ship Windows.

Floating wall sign.

Reversed Bar River Side text.




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