Wan Chai, Green Market Qr. (1/3)

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Location: Up and to the right of the above building.

The two horizontal white signs sticking out of the wall have been removed.

























Location: Front of the Taizan Grocery shop.

The Long glass panel on the DC is split into three sections, on the Xbox its all the one and is not made of glass.













Location: Up and to the right of the "Canton Cafe".

The tall sign made of five red squares. On the DC the very top square is blank, On the Xbox a sign has been added to it.



Location: Same sign as above.

The back of the sign, On the DC its made up of 4 horizontal and 4 vertical poles. On the Xbox its only made up of 2 horizontal and 2 vertical poles.



Location: Across from the "Canton Cafe" and up alittle.

On the DC there is another long horizontal sign (Two poles with four white squares between them) sticking out of the wall. And again on the Xbox its gone.



Location: Un-named store to the right of the "Good Omen Butcher".

Both sides and bottom of the green sign on DC are blue & yellow, On Xbox they are green & white.



Location: Above the street to the right of the "Good Omen Butcher" shop.

Another white horizontal sign is missing from the Xbox.



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